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for Circumstance

10/17/2010 c1 Vexx
I like this one. Short and sweet.
4/4/2001 c1 10MurdocksChicka
Hann... This was a brilliant story! I loved it. I read it twice to be completely honest with you! Such a nice little scene with my two fave men.

~* Murdy *~

PS.. I love this... "Smile for me" Murdock said gently, watching Face's surprised reaction as he turned and granted Murdock his wish.

"Any time you want" Face said softly as both men walked away from the river, the conversation drifting to a lighter subject.
3/24/2001 c1 15wendybyrd
a lot of feeling in a very little scene.
3/13/2001 c1 flight o'fancy
okay i read this over and over,and i love it. what else can i say? you're a very good writer, and anything with murdock in it captures my attention. very well written. ":D

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