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3/27/2011 c5 5Evil.VS.Waffles
What will Raven say when he tells them that her and Beast Boy have a son in the futrue. She'll be MAD! Beat Boy will laugh his butt off. Then to Starfire and Robin getting married and having two kids, the boys will SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tease! lol, good job!
3/27/2011 c4 Evil.VS.Waffles
lol, "Star, it's me, remember?" "Sorry I forgot." That so made me alugh. You're such a good writer, I'm sure something will happen though, like Beast Boy being all like "So... why'd you say that my computer was going to blow up if you helped?" Or something like that. lol
3/27/2011 c3 Evil.VS.Waffles
lol, i love the older Robin. What would happne if Star did come over and fell into the portal with him?
3/27/2011 c2 Evil.VS.Waffles
This is great! I love Andy, he's just like Beast Boy, yet, just a tad of Raven. You know, wanting to read minds. Poor Robin, he doesn't have any powers to give his children, just some cool gadgets. lol
3/26/2011 c1 Evil.VS.Waffles
You're a good writer, and you made me pleased. not with BB and Raven having a son, but Robin and Starfire being married (hopefuly) and having kids. :)
4/12/2008 c5 3Edwardjustproposed
loved the story!
11/10/2006 c5 2MoonPrincessx88
Aww that was a cute ending to an awesome fic. ^^
4/4/2006 c5 tasia
can I point out that it is entirely unfair to end fan fic, it be out lawed

anways love the story, I've never kissed either, I'm 15 and never been kissed, take my sympathy
3/1/2006 c5 Deadly Wishes
Awesome story you rock!
11/21/2005 c5 angelfire2020
i loved it to death

it was the best i've ever read please write a sequel to will be great
11/11/2005 c4 DissingFlamer
9/20/2005 c5 Annie
Hey I have been waiting for a fan fic like that for a long time. Could u plz plz plz plz write a sequel it despratly needs one. if u do can u msg thank u
7/27/2005 c5 sarah
very good. PLease do write a sequel.
4/27/2005 c5 8Stollhofen125
That was amazing!

Totally amazing!

2/8/2005 c5 9Erica Wattson
Oh! That was so sweet. So real. It felt like I was watching a episode. You're a really good author. This story deserves a sequal.
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