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1/25/2009 c1 Aleydis
erm...just wanted to ask you something, tom...is the story supposed to end so abruptly?

or is the ending not out yet?

just sort of curious you know...

7/24/2006 c4 1Kohakuu

write more plz! ^^
6/29/2006 c1 4Abigail Withered
damn, your simply awesome writting RO fics. wish i had your talent, teach me one day? hahaha. sad to hear you can't do much updates :( anyways keep it up, i love your works
6/17/2006 c4 Kaori
Augh? This is rather strange (deja vu or something. I thought some of these events happened last chapter, in chapter 3? ) Wow. That or I am being delusional and the reviews for chapter 3 were just a bit whack... *laughs* Anyway- it's been a while since this has been updated so everything felt new and fresh either way! Ah, Maiha kicks major ass. (I'm looking forward to her running around causing mass carnage in CT as a sinX now. By the way, just to ruin things... SinX, cosx, tanx, etc... Alright, shoot me now. It's probably really old by now, but the MENTAL DAMAGE remains the same.) Maix has major issues. Colrenz still reminds me of my mage, but I kind of forgot how my mage was by now... (Been a while since I last played RO at all, not even speaking of iRO with that mage.) *sigh* Wow, memories. And rambling. I'll get off now- a few more days of finals and then summer. I'll try to catch up on reviewing. Til then! :) Keep up the great work and please update sooner! *lack of Zein= sadness!* :((
6/15/2006 c4 winterghost
this took quite some time to get posted..

honestly speaking, the quality of the chapter is on a lower level than the ones tom usually writes.. it doenst feel like one of tom's fics..

anyway, it is still better compared to the other fics around..
2/15/2006 c3 1Mimiru-Sama
Hope you continue ^^ Nice story, nyu!

Poor Lystra. ^^;
11/8/2005 c3 2Kyson Senarith
I read this a long while back and I figured that I should finally give a short review on it. ^_^

I like how you're making a prequel for CT with Lystra and her party just because, frankly, anything that ties in with CT is just amazing.

Keep up your excellent work!
7/7/2005 c1 2Fayelle
hi! just want to say thanks for reviewing my fic! hehe... im not good in describing things but i will try to edit the mistakes you pointed out. -smiles- and about the tenses, hehe... that is actually one of my BIG problems. i guess im the mistress of mis-tensing -sob- your stories look interesting, i'll try to read them, maybe i'll be able to learn how to write better (that is if it's ok with you?) thanks again! -smiles-
6/25/2005 c3 Flamming Heart
wow...kaya lang bitin sana madugtungan ! ^^
6/1/2005 c3 EvilNoir
Kya! So we knew Maiha-chan isn't THAT evil, is she? ^_^ Waiting for next chapters.
3/12/2005 c3 5L.C. Techno
Amazing! The suspence is killing me!
3/7/2005 c3 Aoi Kureiyon
ARGH! Thanks for making me feel 50x more sad about the Lystra thing! T_T I mean gosh, it just makes what happens to her so much WORSE! NU! NUU! It's like, I love how you did this and the whole feeling it envokes, but its driving me CRAZY! I want to slam my head into the ground!

Yeah, so after I read this and was like *I NEED MORE TOM STUFF TO READ* I ended up going through half of the CT dusk and paart of Midnight, reread a mess of chapters. The intention was for it to take about 10 minutes searching for JUST the part where Agranias remembers meeting Lystra, but it turns out I stayed about 8 times longer than that. ARGH YOU AND YOUR ADDICTIVE WRITING! Your story is so good that even the reread value skyrockets into excellence! It's all just soo awesomely written and thought out and WOW. Even the second time its read, or the third, or the fourth, its STILL great. It still can't get over the whole Maiha thing and all the background and thought and foreshadowing...EVERYTHING... it's so complex and the way everything is just works and is almost unquestionable! Explains so much without fault!

Okay, now that I've finished my nonrelated rant... other stuff! I heart Colrenz. He'll make a mighty fine wizard one day! XD Of course... Zein is still the best.. at least to me! Zeeinguhguh.. ((Obsessive fangirlness that has spread on from Kaori)) I thought it was funny... Maiha's comparison! Hopelessly infatuated? Haha. Yeah, I started jumping to conclusions that maybe he was in Lystra's party of sumfin and thats why I reread the Agranias thing... for maybe a hint if he was. Let's just say I DID jump to conclusions after reading that and am now... EXTREMELY sad! I love how this is soo related to CT. YOU! Even your miny plots are awesome! Yes.. I have a small vocab consisting of the words awesome and great and wow. but they all describe your writing! ^^ Yes well, I WAS TOTALLY PISSED OFF! Of course I hated the lame-O jerk Neganus, ((Maiha did something I was actually glad of for once! Haha! I thought the day would never come!)) which was OF COURSE the intent but geez, what REALLY pissed me off was what happened to Ghalarin! He was soo cool! Okay, so we don't really know him but that's the beauty, you can make someone we barely know, put life and great personality to them with every aspect of your writing, and just the next chapter have us... or at least ME... sobbing over them, or wishing I could STRANGLE them. Yeah, but still, I was soo SAD! It was OBVIOUS he cared about Maix! Backstabber! ARGH! He was so happy and so cool, and such a good friend too! OMGUUHGUH! Yes well, I liked him a lot, and argh... what a horrible way to go. So fast, so bloody. I think I'm too emotional! XD Okay, shutting up now! Oh yes, btw, great job, if I haven't said it enough yet! And glad your feeling better!
3/5/2005 c3 Kaori
X_X This is so interesting! You should update this more O.O Maiha is as evil as ever *evil laughter* I love how she kills Neganus and eats his heart (or what little of it she ate before she threw it away...) I really liked this chapter; you have a really great plot going on (I especially like how you incorporated the Sangius Magnus Exorcismus arc into here as well...) I'd love it if you update this fic as well ~~ :D

And just to be random... Colrenz really reminds me of my mage XD! You make spellcasters 2847198 times cooler. x_x Except for Koullufen. (Not Cafilex or Kallifen. AUGH! XD)
3/3/2005 c3 16PMOHWinters
Those durn cultists... always up to no good. Hope you can get some more frequent updates on this story, because the cliffhangers just slay me. =P
3/3/2005 c3 61Link015
Yay! You finally updated! Anyway, nice twist on things! Can't wait to see what happens next!
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