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8/1/2009 c2 Blank Sketch
Eragon reference was brisingr, the word for fire. Yaay , I get a cookie!
3/24/2006 c2 3ShadowChronos
Yeah, I caught the Eragon reference. If you didn't mention it at the end, I was going to say something, but... Oh well, great story!
4/5/2005 c2 E-124 Ultima
Continue this story or the organic lifeform that serves as a power source inside me shall emit sodium-chloride based liquid out of his eyes.

In human language, please continue this story, or I'll cry!
3/31/2005 c2 a guy
Continue this story please!
12/9/2004 c2 15Golbezandcrew
O.o Contest... nehehhee everyones dieing!HAHAHAHAHa
11/5/2004 c2 1SamtehTailsfan
Hey^^ i dont know if you got my last review cus it was stuffing up =P

but i love your story and would love to enter the contest..when i figure out how to send things^^
11/1/2004 c2 3Mr Drill
brilliant carn't wait for thew next chapter hope u update soon
10/30/2004 c2 11Kemious
Took you long enough good story but you kind of rushed it
10/23/2004 c1 3Mr Drill
its gr8 so far continue, continue, CONTINUE
10/13/2004 c1 EGGBOY
YAY EGGMAN! wait...he killed Gamma and Big?

THAT !$%#@%$&^$^%$#^%@!
8/26/2004 c1 Guest
I LOVE IT thank you for letting tails alive and amy too TailsXAmy is kinda cool but it just doesn't fit it IF you make too much of a deal of it like : Sonic & Tails fight over Amy's love blah blah blah blah blah blah

P.S I LOVE IT like i said (blushes of stupidity)

just continue it please if you do THANX if you don't BOOHHOO

8/21/2004 c1 15Golbezandcrew
there i reveiwed now CONTINUE MAUHAHAHA
8/19/2004 c1 3shadowshock12
keep going
8/19/2004 c1 20mad half hour
Can't enter your contest. I suck at drawing. I will tell my friend Silhouette the Hedgehog about it though. I really liked it so far, though it is sad that my favorite character, Shadow, is dead.;_; HE WAS SO YOUNG! WHY? (breaks down in tears) Um...heheh. ^_^; I'm okay now. Who knew Cream could kick ass. O.o Anyway, I'll be waiting for your update. Do you need fan characters or do you just have that as a prize? OH! I just got inspiration! C-ya! I gota write this down!

This is Celestial the Hedgird signing off! ^_~
8/19/2004 c1 Strangeperson
Yo, don't stop writin' this cause its very good.

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