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11/20/2012 c2 Scarlet Rabbit
Is this following the plot of Resident Evil Apocalypse?
11/20/2012 c1 Scarlet Rabbit
That has bad news written all over it.

Interesting. The man has enough weapons and ammo for a small army. The SAW is not the mini gun. It's no where near, even called, even as a nickname, as a mini gun.
1/13/2012 c2 Teranyre
I like it! Very fast-paced and action-y, and Jake is an interesting character who, it seems, has had a lot of thought put into him. I started to read Reborn earlier, but figured I should begin with this one, then move on later should I wish.

In terms of concrit... I notice your writing style tends to just dictate what is happening, like reading a script. It would be more engaging if you wrote more slowly, with more detail, rather than just saying 'this happened, then that happened, then they went through the door'. Also, your sentence structure is somewhat awry-there are times where you go on for two whole lines without a single comma. Occasionally, you mix up your tenses. These factors can make the story pretty difficult to read.

Nonetheless, a great story! And it's already completed-so this will be keeping me occupied for a loooong while yet. I'm enjoying the full-on Outbreak tie-in, I think if you're going to tie your character strongly to the plot of a different game, the best way to do it is to stick them in the middle of the action from the get-go, which you have executed excellently.

Stay well. Thanks for writing! (:
7/9/2010 c1 FTFCHRIS
Don't know about you but being promised 10 million and getting no collateral. At least get 10 percent or even half upfront.

I mean what does that voice have to worry about? Jake doesn't know who he is or where to find him so why would he pay? And Jake is trusting to get paid?
1/23/2010 c44 what
I saw that this fanfiction had 300 reveiws and i just had to make it 301.I am a dick.Am I not.Good fanfiction by the way.
12/20/2008 c24 2Death By Metal
Wazzup? How you been. I just messaged you, but im rereading Darkness Arises. Cant waiteth for the sequal!
12/7/2008 c57 Death By Metal
I wasnt here for the beginning...and damnit man, I thought tis was over when I reached the end...I didnt think you would EVER update or post the sequel...BUt I await it and good job!
12/3/2008 c57 3DeathSidhe
Sequel! I soo wanna know want happens to jake now! I love him! excellent detailed story! keep it up! this was a great story and I read the entire thing in one day because I was so hooked! JAKE ROCKS! ^_^
9/10/2008 c57 Bizzyb420
I am so sorry to see this fic finished, I will miss looking forward to your updates but now at least I can look forward to your new projects, Jake is one of the best original characters I have seen in almost any RE fic. Man I can't wait for the prequels and sequels, regardless if it takes another 10 years. Keep it up and we all will keep on reading...
9/8/2008 c57 6qwerty
Oh that was the greatest I have read, I wonder what happend to his sister best of luck in the future hope all goes well. and thank you for writing this story.
9/7/2008 c3 12Raven Thornheart
I just wanted to add this to my favs before I goto work! I couldn't finish this chapter, but damn it's very well put together...SO MUCH DETAIL AND I LOVE IT!
9/6/2008 c57 15Jammer69er
Wow, real touching way to end the story...even if Jake is considered scum by most social standards, he's still human below the surface. And that part about Rose going missing from the mental institue got my attention: will that factor into the sequel, per chance?

But anyways, all good things have to come to an end, and I eagerly await your next piece of work, I'm sure it won't disappoint. And finally thanks for the shout-out at the end. :)

9/6/2008 c57 10Tale Spinner
I must say, congratulations on completion. It is a grand moment when a fic this big reaches its conclusion. And a very fitting one too. Despite few typos and such along the way, this has been enjoyable. I can say that the story and text overall have been so captivating and interesting that it almost overshadowed the errors, which doesn't happen very often when compared to various other stories.

I have enjoyed this right from the beginning and will look forward to new adventures of Jake, and the rewrite too. Although you have your own idea of sequel which is great, I can't help feel that Code: Veronica practically screams for Jake's involvement.

Best thing about the whole story is that how a character outside the established RE cast became so interesting and major player in the RE storyline. Well done.
9/5/2008 c57 16Crow T R0bot
I can't believe how long it's taken to get this far, and I'm impressed that you brought this fic to its epic conclusion. All I can say is good luck with your future fics and stuff. You're welcome for my insight too, and I'll be happy to make suggestions where needed in the future.

Also, while it's unlikely I'll ever get my own "epic" project off the ground, I still keep up the hope that I might do it (along with a couple other fic ideas, including a Naruto/Red vs. Blue crossover, which I've written and posted one chapter of, and something I like to call "Metal Gear Solid: The Musical" which I've only written and *not* posted a chapter of to wit). Hopefully I can change that habit in the future, especially since I hope to write for video games myself.

Also, during the cemetery scene, and taking into account your send up to Metal Gear Solid 3, I couldn't help but wonder if you were going to also send up a certain epilogue in the fourth game...By having Steve Cauvanaugh show up, harmlessly disarm his son and reconciling with him before acting as Mr. Exposition to tie up loose plot threads before dying for real.

It was a touching and bittersweet conclusion nonetheless, especially since the rest of Jake's family think he's dead. :(

Hopefully you take some of my suggestions to heart of the early chapters as well, (and I certainly wouldn't mind the remake going through the Claire A and Leon B scenario either, in fact, I'd prefer it, if only as personal preference).

P.S. Did you ever see those links I sent you with the "Let's Play" Resident Evil threads by "TheDarkId?" If so, I hope you laughed at them as much as I did and maybe take my suggestion that Jake make some snarky comments during the remake based on TheDarkId's own MST3K style approach to the series. What with the incest eyeball arm mutants, the S.T.A.R.S. members too stupid to leave the city, or the fact that no one on the City Council raised their eyebrows at all the inane puzzles in the budget or how City Hall's security system could easily lock yourself in by removing jewels from a ground level clock face. In fact, I feel obligated to close this review quoting a scene from the final chapter of the RE4 thread.

Saddler: Oh, Mr. Kennedy, you entertain me. To show my appreciation, I will help awaken you from your world of cliches.

Leon: “Are you going to turn into a monster like the last three of your subordinates did?”

Saddler: “It...it’s a really big monster...”

Leon: *sighs*

I'll be happy to spread the sickness, but it looks like TheDarkId's already sick to death. XD

Good luck man, peace out!
9/5/2008 c57 Broden
Well to start off with, I'm rather surprised that I was given an honourable mention in this. I decided to look back, and to my displeasure I found that all I had left was one review two year ago which is rather dissapointing. Just know I haven't once stopped reading, and I have loved this story from beggining to end. I'll also follow your other writings around Jake.

I'm especially interested in the fic about McGraw's story during it all as he was probably my favourite character in the story, apart from Jake ofcourse. So I'm glad to have been here through all of this and all I can really say is keep on writing and...ROCK ON!
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