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5/10/2010 c1 SlytherinQueen1.30
aww, this is so cute! i love this fic and this pairing!
8/27/2005 c5 Alex xXxNightWandererxXx
Hey- love your story...i was so glad someone was creative enough to write a taishxaya fanfic! Keep writing, and i hope to read more fanfics from you. And your right- everyone's gotta love taishi... i LOVE taishi! :) But anyway- awesome job!
8/17/2005 c1 sillyxninja
I really like your story! I'm a Taishi fan myself, so i knew this would be enjoyable. You're such a talented writer, i wish i was an awesome author like you. Keep it up! :)
8/13/2005 c2 meow
e story is not bad. can see tt e author tries to describe e emotions, actions, behavior of e characters. but i would prefer tt it would be more readable, as i think e story is not too reader friendly.

keep up e work!
6/12/2005 c5 gamer19720
Really great story. You make the people come alive with the background history of their lives(Aya). Good ending too.
3/11/2005 c5 72Sabriel41
Mm... Cendrillo recommended this, and I'm glad she did - though I've never watched "Comic Party", she said this fic was worth the read - and it *is*. There's a charm and universality to this story that shows you put a lot of thought and time into it; all in all, a pleasure to read.


Keep up the great work, and Cheers,

12/20/2004 c5 Tuan Anduril
nice have only been keeping up with the manga's cuz cant find any stores with comic party in full under $80 lol (gotta save up for my yearly otakon ^.^, which is of course an anime, or dojinshi as comic party lovers call it) anyway nice fic will review deeper water now ^^
12/5/2004 c5 Purple Dragoon
Pride is what you should be feeling having written this story.The whole 'Opposites Atract' concept just made this story so much beeter;and I liked how you were able to make Taishi's erratic behavior somewhat believeable.

You should write more of this,but I'm looking foward to reading your comdies.

Plus,Atlas Shrugged is a good book.
9/22/2004 c4 2Umidori
Ah, and one more thing. I told you how I liked the colors, right? So I did the logical thing and drew fanart. ^^;;

(that vague thing in the background is supposed to be an iris. Um, I have no idea about many things, like what a braided bun looks like, and whether Aya should wear an obi scarf, and what the pattern on her kimono would look like, and in which places a winter kimono looks different from a yukata, so I kinda... improvised. ^^;; I hope it's not blatantly obvious. Sorry.)
9/22/2004 c5 Umidori
This is so wonderful!

I really enjoyed the story. Not only because it's about Comic Party, not even only because it features my three absolutely most favourite characters in a love triangle.

Your interpretation of the characters makes much sense, they stay in character and yet manage to grow through the story. I really like how you showed the simple human emotions underneath Taishi's extravagent appearance, and how you showed that extravagence in just the right amount (I don't actually know if it's hard to judge the right amount, but it seems hard). And I like how you dealt with Aya, showing little unique tidbits of thought that expand the polite and reserved character we usually see, and how she is more open while talking on the phone. And, of course, Yuu and her interaction with Taishi was a lot of fun too. ^^

And I like the associations (er, can't think of a better word...) in the story, how it's winter while Taishi's conflicted, and how irises bloom in winter when he's with Aya, and how the relationship starts when spring begins. Um. I don't know if it was intentional, but I liked it. ^^; And I liked the colors - the white snow, the violet irises, the pink cherry blossoms.

And the way you showed their emotions, it was very believable and I really sympathised with all the characters, even Kazuki. At first I was a bit startled by the fact that Taishi apparently felt the same way about Aya and Yuu at the same time, but nothing is impossible in biology, I suppose. ^^;

The only thing I don't understand is why you labeled it "angst". ^^; I was dreading horrible depressiveness, but the story was not depressing at all (which is a very good thing!). ^^;

So, thank you for adding the link to your posts at the Comic Party Yahoo group! At first I was too lazy to go read it, but after noticing the link in your second message, I decided I had to try it. ^^;

In conclusion, this is a great fic. Please write more! ^^
9/17/2004 c5 Di-Gi Nyo
I really liked this! (Not just because it was the first Comic Party story either) It was told beautifully. (It was rather interesting to see Taishi feeling something other then his usual personality).
9/15/2004 c5 106Verdot
You finished it!

Ok, now that the exhuberance is out of the way, I'll say my piece.

I like how you ended it, and I absolutely adore Taishi...crazy otaku are so cool!

I'm not one for seeing my crying in stories, but this seemed realistic.

I also have to agree with the point about the depth of Aya...I wanted more stuff about her personally. I also thought TaishixYuu was appropriate at first, but you created a TaishixAya so beautifully that I seem a fool for thinking otherwise.

I hope you write more stories (Comic Party or otherwise...) you have a knack for realistic portrayal and conversation.

Anyhow, homeslice signing off.

btw this story was not that hard to find, I just did a search for Comic Party fics and there you were! There need to be more, though, there are far too few...
9/10/2004 c3 Verdot
Alright! A Comic Party story!

I have to say, I like the little relationships and conversations that you've put into this. I like how you've put it together...I hope that you finish it soon.
8/31/2004 c2 2Marivel
First review, eh? I guess that means I just care the most ^_^

Anyway, you're getting better with the "he said, she said" repitition nonsense of DOOM, though I must admit, seeing Taishi all emo is just... yeah. But I'm itching to see how you resolve all this.

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