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6/19/2013 c1 miss-meowness
7/29/2007 c4 4RoseXxxXThorn

This was SO AMAZINGLY CUTE! And funny! I laughed so hard I think my brain was being squeezed out of my ears...that would be interesting...


8/20/2006 c2 American-Idiot14
update soon
3/1/2006 c3 Deadly Wishes
Aww that was so awesome I absolutely love it Way to go you rock!
5/29/2005 c1 4Heart's Murmur
Great long chapters! I like it! More More More!
5/6/2005 c4 2RobinLuvsStar
Really cute story... And just so you know you should be really proud of having never kissed anyone before (I was 19 when I had my first kiss and it was pretty special considering that it didn't work 3 months later... but no biggie). Stay true to you. And by the way, I was reading your profile and you have great taste in pairings...

3/29/2005 c4 23AerinM
LOL! That made me laugh SO hard! Thank you for cheering me up, I really needed that today! XD I'm still laughing! LOL!

And I've never kissed either! Although, judging by how old this fanfic is, that could have changed for you... ^-^

LOL! I loved it! XD

10/4/2004 c4 sxiz
Whe! That was funny ^_^ I wonder what the recording said... *randomly kills someone* @
9/16/2004 c4 1awesomemc
AWW. This is such a cute story! :]
9/4/2004 c4 JesusFreak9
I love it! You're probably one of the best authors on this site! This is definitely on my favourites!
8/31/2004 c4 63SushiChica
oh my God that was SO great! i loved it!
8/30/2004 c4 6Silver-Shadow-Fox
Hey, this is cute! Love it ^_^
8/29/2004 c4 janedoe091170
Yay! It's five in the morning, feeling extremely happy at finding a good Rob/Star fic...

but, I think I'm normal enough to say a serious and non haywired statement...

(deep breath) I liked your story very much.
8/28/2004 c4 Jeanniestorm
The ending was weak but it was a GREAT story!
8/28/2004 c4 10Slayergirl1362
i kinda wanted to know more about raven. it's probably just me. i am obesessed. i think an epilgue would be good.

ps, never kissed either ^_^ lol
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