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for Ginny's Whirlwind

7/20/2006 c5 Ms. PotterBlack
I like it
4/9/2006 c5 slayergrl182
super dper wonderful story just keep it up, but there will be a happy ending right?

ok gtg cant wait till the next chappie
12/19/2005 c5 8macaday me a nut
Nice. Is there going to be more...Please say yes! I want a happy ending! The last chapter was a bit long...but I got through it eventually.

Macaday me a nut(and your one too!)
11/3/2005 c5 qtip6688
plz update
9/2/2005 c5 Nora Nox
Wow. I'm in love with this story! I love it, love it, love it! I LOVEE postHogwarts stories! Okay, other than my love declaration, I just hope that you will update soon! Please! Update! Update, update, update! Yes, I do love to repeat things.

5/3/2005 c5 4GiGiFanFic
What a sin to abandon a fic as good as this one. I have only read the last chap, but won,t read the beginning, as I hate disappointment.
4/13/2005 c5 Amanda
this is story is so interesting, with all the plots and characters. You have made Ginny's character soo good, and likeable - the title for this fic totally fits. Also, you write really well with people dealing with a lot of emotoins, it's not cheesy and I totally feel for the characters.I also really think for some reason, that if Rowling were to describe or write about an older Ginny it will be a lot like yours. I really like this fic ALOT. UPDATE
4/2/2005 c5 1Dancer girl923
I really like your story, but you haven't updated since October...which is sorta sad. Do you feel like giving readers another chapter sometime in the next few months...maybe? I want to know what happens next!
2/28/2005 c5 5pinkythesnowman
Update this soon, please please? This is so good, it is beyond perfect, I am serious! It made me cry, and laugh, and was just as wonderful and possibly better than the movie itself. I loved this! Please, you NEED to continue this! I understand you may not have a lot of inspiration for this (after all, its been four months) but still! Please? Could you at least contact me via email? PinkyTheSnowman (at) comcast (dot) net. Thank you! Good work! I love this so much!
12/3/2004 c5 Wanderer.247
11/20/2004 c5 17Silver Warrior
Well, Harry’s life has certainly just become unstable. What’ll happen if he really is the baby’s father?
11/18/2004 c4 droderey
OMG, your story is so so good. I love the movie Notting Hill, but in this i hate Anna Scott, stupid her and the stupid pregnancy. IM OK. My gaybo computer wont load chapter 5, well it will but only up to the bit where i think there just about to make out and i feel like crying, ive been trying to make it work for an hour in 2 minutes. The pain. I hate my computer officially, it was working a couple of hours ago.

Anywho, update soon, cause the more chapters to read the better =D
11/8/2004 c5 Destiny Xavior
Hey I don't review a lot, only when i read something good. Please update. Reading fanfics is what helps keep me happy each day.

10/22/2004 c5 4Potter4prez
Not many fanfiction story are written well, but this one is. Every second of the story kept me hanging. I truly can't wait to read the next chapter. Great job!

10/22/2004 c5 1DezTiny
no! harry can't be the rather he just.. CANT! *going to MURDER anna* lolz UPDATE SOON!

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