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10/19/2004 c5 2xiaoxiao
Yay! Ginny was honest with her feelings! I'm glad of that, and I'm also glad that they didn't go any further with this situation hanging over them.

Ron and Hermione were great at calming him down. I just hope that everything works out well in New York.
10/18/2004 c5 2dawnslight03
this story was the first to be added to my favorite story list. your talent continues to amaze me...i was so sad when Harry couldn't tell Ginny what she desperately wanted to hear...happy chaps soon please!
10/17/2004 c5 21Pia O'Leary
OMG! I love this story! I just read all five chapters (bloody long chapters btw, not that I'm complaining!) and I absolutely love it!

I especially like how Ginny doesn't need Harry to be able to function normally. She still loves him but is a fully functioning member of society.

The whole Anna thing was a bit of a shock, I have to admit. And frankly I don't really like it, LOL. But I mean, the story's got to have conflict right?

I love how Hermione and Ron reacted in Chapter 5. You really kept their characterization up well! It's very believable!

I like Megan, even though she doesn't play a very big role. I'm not so much the happy with the fans of Harry's because they seem like sluts. But hey, that's the way you meant it right? So at least you got the message across! LOL

I can't wait to read the next chapter and it makes me lots of the happy that you write long chapters! UPdate soon!
10/17/2004 c5 pokie4389
Awesome! I loved it!
10/17/2004 c5 5Ms. Realista
wow...very emotinal chapter. wow...I just hope Ron's right...and I feel so bad for Ginny. This was a great chapter...very well written and very dramatic. I love it. Great job.

10/17/2004 c5 27SnakeEyesHannah
Oh my god. Abso-freakin-lutely brilliant. Wow.. I'm in awe. You're such a talented writer it almost hurts. You really have these plans for this story that I love. Every word you write seems so real... So true to the characters and story. And wow... I'm actually speachless. Not many people can do that to me, you know.

Brilliant chapter and I can't wait for the next one! ...even if it takes a month.. XD

And good luck with classes and the move. *pats*
10/17/2004 c5 LaFleurRouge
That was really...emotional. This is a great peice and I can't wait to read more!
10/16/2004 c5 JT88
I just started reading your story today and I read through the whole 5 chapters in like an hour! I love this story! Please put the next chapter out A.S.A.P.!
10/16/2004 c5 1LAoR
Oh! This story is positively brilliant! I love it and it's SO on my favourites list...and on my C2 community thingy... Really, I love it! Hopefully Ron's right and Anna's baby isn't Harry's (oh how I hope!) and Harry and Ginny can repair things and love one another like they should. Yes, that's a very good thing to hope for! lol

Update REALLY soon okay?

much love,

from LAoR
10/16/2004 c5 Granger's Twin
OMG! I cried. I seriously cried. I NEVER cry. Your chapter just totally affected me, because it describes how my life is going right now perfectly. I can not wait until the next chapter.

PLEASE PLEASE! Do not make Harry the father of Anna's child Harry. I AM DOWN ON MY HANDS AND KNEES BEGGING YOU!

Fantastic. You are such a great writer, and absolutely perfect in the way you use detail. Awesome. I can't wait til the next installment.

Ciao for Now,

10/16/2004 c5 SerendipitousNightcrawler
That was the big making out scene that you promised me? I was expecting something along the lines of “‘Good news Ginny,’ Harry sounded jovial as he bounded into her room and jumped on her bed. ‘Anne got word of the Prophet’s article and told me that the baby actually belongs to some other guy, Hugh Grant. He’s a muggle actually. Anyway, it’s not mine.’ Ginny looked positively ecstatic at the news as her body took a mind of its own and threw her into Harry’s arms. ‘So we can make out now right?’ But the question went unanswered as Ginny slammed Harry down on the bed and began marking her territory, making a mental note that she would insure that Harry never had to worry about an ex ever again…
10/16/2004 c5 2dafalcon
Job Well Done Sara! :D

I'm so glad you decided to continue this story. Of course, I'm not going to add more pressure on you, but I can't wait until Harry deals with his situation in NY. (crossing my fingers that the baby isn't his) I want him and Ginny to ride off into the sunset together, so she can add another book to her collection at the shop. ;)

10/16/2004 c5 Dellarouge
To me this is a simple and yet extremely interesting stories. What i find annoying is all those stories that go into indepth explainations of past prophecies and happenings. I just really like your story and i like the character megan, even though she has a smallish part.
10/16/2004 c5 WiDz
update soon! soo that's why this story is called ginny's whirlwind!
10/11/2004 c4 5IndiaInk
ah, a magnificent chapter. I absolutely loved it; Harry and Ginny's relationship and interactions were more than perfect. Thanks!

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