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for Ginny's Whirlwind

8/23/2004 c1 27SnakeEyesHannah
Wow.. I just have nothing more to say.. Wow! This was brilliant! Just as good as 'Putting On A Play'! Awesome. Everything is so wonderfully described and everything! And I just plainly LOVED Megan and the fan-mob! XD Hilarious... And I think you really managed to write exactly how Harry would be trying to cover that it was him. I mean, who else but someone who doesn't want to be recognized would go around in sunglasses, a blue cap to cover the hair and stuff? And his 'smooth' way of handleing his fans, his FEMALE fans... Perfect! Ah, I can't WAIT for the next chapter! I hope you get this, AND the 'Putting On A Play'-chapter, up soon! *demands you write it quickly*
8/23/2004 c1 1vanti-licious
so far so good. haha poor harry, always getting mobbed by his fans. u say he's a keeper? hm, i thought he'd be seeker... oh well, cant wait to see what happens next!
8/22/2004 c1 73DragonGrin - former TeenTypist
This great. hehe. I can't wait to hear Megan rant at Ginny when Ginny is trying to get ready. Awesome!
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