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3/7/2012 c21 Necro Antharez
because of our lack in english

Beelzebub:"we cant say except AWESOME! ! ! !"
8/2/2008 c21 7XxblackwingsxX

Awesome story! The ending was sad but still! Loved it! -Faves-!
11/5/2007 c21 6Sobriquet Nightmare
I cried inside after reading your story. It is so convincingly saddening that it made me symphatise with Jared. This review is a little late, but I love this story, no less. It really portrays the emotions of the bard and dancer well. Your writing is wonderfully convincing. I love it.
7/3/2007 c21 21hamxham
sorry for the late review, i only started browsing the ragnarok section of fanfiction a few days ago and...yeah.

but anyways...

omgsh that was such a wonderful bittersweet story.I loved the plot and how you put the ending at the very beginning and repeated the first paragraph in the story in the last chapter as well.very very beatifully written. it's definetly going on my favs =)
6/25/2007 c21 32Kuneko
That was such an amazing and beautiful story! I can't believe it. You did an amazing job.

The ending was so sad T_T. I can't believe Persha died... I was really getting attached to her. Dancers/Bards rock! You really breathed life into the world of Rune Midgard. You explained exactly how everything would work if the world of RO was real - the emperium, the telepathic link, the guild wars, the bard's skills, etc. It was so wonderfully written, you really get drawn into the story.

I love how you gave every single character, even the minor ones, a name and description and some personality traits so that they weren't just faceless people. It was really great, and each character was really cool! I loved Abenander, he seemed like such a good leader, and Lucia was really cool. An epilogue would have really been nice, explaining what happened to Jared afterwards, maybe some of Rhozen's and Maharet's wedding, or about Adella dealing with her brother's death. Even without that, the ending was amazing.

My only criticism would be to use more commas in the appropriate places, but that's a minor detail - your story was beautifully written. Please write another RO one, this one was so awesome!
6/14/2007 c21 2AboutMySanity
yay the ending! great story, it made me happy that i could finally see the end, but it made me sad too at the same time xD thank u for this wonderful story! oh im a girl btw roflcakes :D
6/13/2007 c21 69Ellie-ellie
amazing story

even if it had a depressing ending ;-;
6/11/2007 c21 Shyam Aditya
Amazing Fic Man!
6/11/2007 c21 Tsong
Wel..great story~ :D...But she died? O_O damn...better if she didnt~ :D!
6/8/2007 c19 2AboutMySanity
hey i dont know if u got my reply or not. i have been reading ur story btw xD just keep forgetting to submit a review. now i have! yay! :D
6/4/2007 c19 69Ellie-ellie
good chappie!

sorry for the late review

update soon!
6/4/2007 c19 4Northernsword
Hmm... noteworthy developments. The two new guys open up some possibilities. Interested in seeing where this goes...
6/3/2007 c17 Northernsword
A climactic conflict. Awesome :P. The descriptions nicely capture the feel of an epic battle. However, the paragraphs are kind of bunched up, so it does get a bit hard to follow at some points. (arrows burning air? cool...)
6/3/2007 c4 Sebb
one kick ass story as far as ive read XP
5/24/2007 c18 69Ellie-ellie
good chappie!


update soon
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