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for seventh year

7/19/2005 c15 20Jellicos
no! you can't stop there! It's too good a story! So sweet and heartwarming. Now you're the evil one;-)
7/19/2005 c12 Jellicos
a slumber party and 'have you ever' ? This is just too good to be true=)
7/19/2005 c10 Jellicos
oh, I loved that! *still laughing, thinking of the shocked faces of the others:)* I'm off to chapter 11 then=)
7/19/2005 c4 Jellicos
nice twist;) You've got an eye for the details =) *hurrying to the next chapter!*
7/19/2005 c2 Jellicos
Mcgonagall in jeans with her hair flowing? Oh, I'd so love to see that!=)
7/19/2005 c1 Jellicos
very nice plot! *diving head first to the next chapter!*
7/10/2005 c15 IMRU
please continue, i love your story, all aspects of it, it has humor, romance, drama, and i like the fact that they don't just randomly look at each other one day and fall for each other its a gradual thing. i will be waiting for your next chapter.
6/17/2005 c15 wickedminerva
please continue this story, it is well written, has a good story line, and is a really really good story, i love it
5/23/2005 c15 Amethystdancer
Wow! This is agreat story; you should really update soon, I've been waiting months for the next chapter. you should change the rating and make them a couple sooner. Keep up the great work!
2/4/2005 c15 Eoleis
i thoroughly enjoy the plot of your story. it is very creative, and i enjoy reading it. however, your beta is not doing a good job at all. there are so many grammatical errors it's ridiculous. some sentences are incomprehensible. i know this is not your fault since you don't speak english, but please get a new beta.
1/3/2005 c15 2La-Belle-Epoque
loved this like all the others before ;-)keep up the good work
12/23/2004 c15 1Frizance
Awesome chapter. It's so sadish.
12/20/2004 c13 2Lady Helen
hahaha i love the drinking game chapter! it made me laugh! i love this story its all fuzzy n loverly please continue!
12/8/2004 c13 Sydney
I love this! I just read it...anyways, you had better update it! Quickly
11/18/2004 c13 2La-Belle-Epoque
I love this chapter! The way you described the different snores… *gg* just great.

“She recalled the food fight and how she couldn’t think of anything but how Minerva was good enough to eat
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