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12/10/2005 c8 12paulalou
look at me finding time to review one of your storys hahah...

i liked it it was nice and fluffyfied! fab word you shuld use it some time!

i adore the mentality of ron,i love storys when ron isn't hick, some people like to make him thick and he isn't at all.

love as ever paula-lou
5/8/2005 c8 1Stella9876
Awee! Such a wounderful, cute and lovely story! good job! loved it
2/20/2005 c8 10mysteries green fairy
wow, this story is so good

your writing is so cool

do you mind if i add this story to my c2?

if you do send me an email and I'll take it off stright away!

keep up the great work
1/29/2005 c8 4Sabella Black-Malfoy

1/29/2005 c8 LiLy MaLfOy13
love your story it is really good
1/29/2005 c8 5MasochistandNarcissistFan
That was a really sweet ending. And if you haven't already , could you read my story Summertime With The Muggles plz ? I'd really appreciate to see what you thought of it.
1/29/2005 c8 31Mrs.HarryPotter12

1/29/2005 c2 39Amelia L. Mendal
LMAO, i love you... and your story! HAHAHAHA

1/29/2005 c3 Amelia L. Mendal
Aw! so sad! I've read this before but my computer is just plain stupid, lol. LOVE IT

1/29/2005 c4 Amelia L. Mendal
Is she PMSing? lmao! LOVE THIS

1/29/2005 c5 Amelia L. Mendal
lol, Ernie was always rather smart, heehee. But I am sorry he broke up with Hermione... but it's a good thing! lmao

1/29/2005 c6 Amelia L. Mendal
He is such a prick, lmao! But I love it!

1/29/2005 c7 Amelia L. Mendal
aw this is so good!

1/29/2005 c8 Amelia L. Mendal

I WANT A SEQUEL! heehee, please?

1/29/2005 c8 dancerrdw
this was so cool
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