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8/28/2004 c1 Lyssa
Hey, my goodness! I know I'm your friend and all, and I am pracitally forced to say things like 'wow this is a great story'. Well [not that I've ever lied when I've said your story was great] this was one of your most well written fics! I love it! I want you to update right NOW! Just keep in mind, you switched PoVs once. Hehe, you started the fic from Mione's PoV then at the end you used thrid person. But seriously, I think this is really great! Most certainly one of your best fics [although all of your fics are great!]

Good luck with the rest and UPDATE SOON!


loads of love,

8/23/2004 c1 5CALiixxGuRL7
hehe yay you took my advice! It's going great :) update soon! Oh and I'm still scared from that tick ;)

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