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1/23/2009 c33 3Catharina M
Yay! I finally finished the story! :D I loved it! :D Awesome story~! The "dream" was very convincing! I thought it was for real! Nice job! :D Keep up the good work! :D
7/3/2007 c33 5Enigmatic Lotus Leaf
I just wanted to let you know that I fucking loved this story!
12/9/2006 c33 5Ley Elizabeth
That... was one of the most amazing.. roller coaster rides I've ever been on! I laughed, I cried, I got pissed, I felt sympathy. I felt. This fic made me feel. And I loved every second. Thank you for writing this amazing piece of literature!

I bawled my eyes out the last few chapters!

I hope you make a prequel, if you already have then I'mma go read it!

Thanks again!

2/21/2006 c33 shortee962
I'd love to read a prequel if you write one!
12/22/2005 c1 7Defective14
hey awesome story and all :P i am a new author on and i am trying to promote my story: When a Bombshell detonates.

It is all completely original and well...I need reviews. so if you can do me a favor and read it yourself or direct your friends to it along with reviewing it, I will greatly appreciate it.

Here's the link to the story so you dont have to go searching for it :P

again great story, thank you for reading this, and may your stories get better and better (b^.^)b
12/15/2005 c33 2Breeface
OMG that was a realli good story Hun! I loved it!

Keep up the good work Sweetie!
10/29/2005 c33 randylover164
You did to much to the story. It was awsome! I don't think it needs a sequal.
10/29/2005 c33 31heart2handgun
OMG that was an AMAZING story... I mean it.. it also made me cry soo freaken much :D i read the entire story in the past 2 days and it was so awesome... u should make a sequel or a prequel to it.. or maybe both tehe

10/29/2005 c33 Milou

Im speechless... I was crying my eyes out when John died, I wanted to kill Torrie myself...

And now, this feels really like the best freaking story I ever read in my life... I'm not kidding, I really mean it...

10/29/2005 c33 3HardyFreak101
WOW! that was amazing! i loved the hole ending! you cant just kill John FUCKING Cena off. lol but i would love to see a prequal it would be great! i hope you do so and thank YOU for this wonderful story. we should all be thanking you. Your an amazing writer and an great at getting to the point.

Luv it, Luv It!

10/29/2005 c33 viper-sa
woah dude, you r good. ya really had me. Great, no excellent no, fantastic story. can't wait for the next stories that you post :)
10/28/2005 c33 7qtea-angel
prequel please! i loved this story! :-)
10/28/2005 c33 Tiffany
10/28/2005 c33 21jensensgirl
prequel please. nice story and you had me going. i was pissed at John!
10/28/2005 c33 Katy
That was really good I didnt expected that to happen lol please doi prequel lol
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