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6/20/2009 c8 23Destined Darkness
hehe let me quote this "Love is needed in the world, even when it seems useless and pointless, at times it is the only thing that keeps me going, when you feel alone, look for your happy place and you will find, LOVE!" i love that quote lol, pun,


Racheal, Grace, Thranduils.Emel.A.Faer. (Thranduils.Heart.And.Soul.)
6/20/2009 c7 Destined Darkness
ah the amount of times i could have killed my friends, i mean, just afew weeks ago one of my girl friends was crying and one of my other friends (it was a guy) he is like "are you okay", i was just standing there, my mouth could have touched the floor and i was like "DUDE!, she is crying, do you think she is okay, seriously, MEN, what are they good for" he absolutly could not understand my anger at him, he is like, "What i was just asking", i am like "You shouldnt need to ask, you should be able to see" of course this made my other friend (the one that was crying) laugh, i have to admit it was kinda funny. but still men are kinda stupid
6/20/2009 c1 Destined Darkness
oh i had a lone tear trickly down my face, at this, but as long as there is more to read, i will read it, lol, yes the cry of the gull, tut tut tut, Thranduil wont be happy, okay fine may be he will, i dont know, shesh, lol, he probably wont but who knows
8/22/2006 c8 Asca
Whoa, my cheeks are wet *smile*

A wonderful story, sad but well written..


8/16/2006 c8 8Ringhuiniele
Hi Shell,

Oh, this story made me cry. I loved that every chapter was a POV of each friend. I trully loved this, "I have seen his supposed Room of Gems. It contains one, a picture of his family, my mother and I. He says that they are the only gems he needs. I love him."

2/9/2006 c8 memyselfandi
*sniff sniff* He had a rough go. It's a good thing Tolkien didn't make him sail right after the war or else I would have some how brought him back to life just so ~I~ could be the one to kill him. I hope you write that scene where Eomer finds out that Legolas is a prince. It sounds funny.
11/8/2005 c8 Lostariel Nolatari
oh my god i love your work! this is the first fic i have read by you and i read it from start to finish, i just couldn't stop! i have no idea how you make everything seem so real but i really admire you for it. now i'm off to read some more of you work :P :D well done!


10/21/2005 c1 4silver sliver
that is really good, lots of feeling into it! ^_^
8/28/2005 c8 surf all day and do the hula
wow this is really good, more?
1/29/2005 c8 Kestrel of Valinor
This is great, I see that you have been listening to R.E.M's song: sometimes. I also love that fact I was listening to it just last night. I love this fanfiction, it's a great piece of writing!
12/11/2004 c1 00000000
i like this story
10/26/2004 c8 TheMadSister
Since my homeworks are trying to kill me for days now, I don't have much time to read and review... But I couldn't ignore your story! :o) I just find it today and I have to say that it's really a sweet, nice and well written story! It was so great to have the point of view of everyone! You made me smile and laugh (hiding pipe and weed, hm? lol), even if it was sometimes sad... It's a wonderful story and I really enjoy reading it... =) Thank's for sharing it with us!

Well... I go back to work now... *sigh*

Le Chapelier fou

P.S.: Forgive my sometimes awful English, but my first language is French, so... :o(
9/7/2004 c8 1Coolio02
*applauds* This was an excellent story! You did a wonderful job on writing the different pov's for the characters.

Great job and I can't wait to read A Wolf's Cry!:-)
9/5/2004 c7 4lulu belle
LULU BELLE: *lying as if dead, holding flowers in her hands. She cracks an eye open* really? Okay! *Throws flowers somewhere and hops up*

RANDOM PERSON: YEAH! I caught the wedding boquet! I’M GOING TO GET MARRIED! *person runs off with everyone staring at them*

LULU BELLE: ok.. who invited them? Well, I guess I can remain alive a while longer. I mean, poor Legolas and Aragorn won’t have anyone to torture them. *zoomes to them and they are clinging each other crying. * see? They must not have heard the good news of me still being a live! Hmm. Where is child scissors? I KNOW she will be glad to see me back.

CHILD SCISSORS: *zooms to Child scissors who is listening to CD player and dancing around with her eyes close* ‘popular, you’re gonna be popu-ular. I'll teach you the proper ploys. When you talk to boys. Little ways to flirt and flounce..’ *runs into lulu belle, and looks up at her, her face goes pale and she faints, and falss straight backwards with CD player blaring*

LULU BELLE: see? She is just so shocked to see me! *grins really big * Lol. I figured that, but I decided to add some drama to this boring thing!

LEGOLAS: *muttering * yeah, torturing us by having to live with you isn’t drama enough.

LULU BELLE: *hearing legolas say somethign. doesn't care what* O! Legolas! * runs up and squeezes him, making his eyes bug out* I've missed you SOO much! I bet you've missed me too! *aragorn begins laughign at legolas who is beging to turn blue. and lulu belle hears him, releases legolas and runs after aragorn* ARAGORN! I've missed you too!

ARAGORN: *turns REALLY pale, and starts running, and screaming*

LULU BELLE: * chasing after aragorn* wait for me! i wanna giv eyou a BIG HUG!

LEGOLAS:* laughs at them running. he trips over child scissors* oof! watch where you're laying! *notices she is not moving and removes her headphones and listens. the sound of the CD blaring 'something baa-aa-aad is happening in oz..' he puts the headphones around his neck, keeping it loud so he can still here it before waving a hand in front of ehr face. she doesn't move. he starts smiling insanely* I AM IN CHARGE OF THE REVIEW! *starts dancing. then stops.* this is not how i do a review! i am going to write what I want!:

glad yo're loving the humor, but not at MY expense! i mean, NOBODY is nice to elves! i mean we have feeligns too!

Well, it was really good! though you were missing one thing, ME! the STAR! i mean, you BARELY had me do ANYTHIGN! and we all know that a story with out me is NOT a good one at all! *someone taps his shoulder. Leoglas turns around*

CHILD SCISSORS: *she taps him on the shoulder, and leoglas turns aroudn and she smacks him hard with her spanish book* NEVER TAKE MY WICKED CD AGAIN! *legolas falls over as child scissors puts headphones back on, and starts dancing again.*

'One question haunts and hurts

Too much, too much to mention:

Was I really seeking good

Or just seeking attention?

Is that all good deeds are

When looked at with an ice-cold eye?

If that's all good deeds are

Maybe that's the reason why


No good deed goes unpunished

All helpful urges should be circumvented

No good deed goes unpunished







PS: songs are from the new musical WICKED. my current music/al obsession. these are two of my favorite, but the toehrs didn't fit. great job! don't listen to little egotistical leoglas in this review about him not being in ti enough. we all know he jsut likes to gab. i think i'll read teh next chapter tom. it's about midnight right now and i'm tired and hungry.
9/5/2004 c8 2twentyonenine
hahax.. well i guess u fare worse.. ok jokin.. hmmx.. nice ending.. very relieved for legolas.. cant wait for ur other stories..
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