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for You Can't Cheat Death

2/9/2001 c1 74Snow Tigra
it seems like a prelude to a story... an interesting thought would be to try writting a scene of the movie from Death's POV, it would be most intriguing. :) Nice work.
2/9/2001 c1 Arc
Succinct, dark, and genuinely creepy. Suffice to say, a very well-written piece. *thumbs up* You've done it again, Bri. ^_^
2/9/2001 c1 lorskew
good work, i would have never thought the mortician to be death. very interesting. L
2/8/2001 c1 21Jenna D
Oooh... from Death's POV! Who woulda thought? Not me! That was creepy... ~KK~
2/8/2001 c1 1karen1
i like it, kep it up :D
2/7/2001 c1 Nate
cool little poem...very interesting that the morticiam was death. Hmmm...
2/7/2001 c1 2Shino-chan
Awesome. ^_^ Very well written-gives me the shivers. I insist you write more.
2/6/2001 c1 Mecha Mummy
Cool. It really wasn't full of spoilers... It was practically the summary of the story.
2/6/2001 c1 Jo-san
Cool little poem, Bria! Keep up the good writing ^_^
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