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for Broken Smiles

6/15/2016 c3 9Secre
Heart breakingly powerful
5/21/2014 c2 1JJayGurl
Wow, this is so heartbreaking! You are a wonderful writer.
7/21/2012 c3 2Jesse1996
OMG I just cried! Thank you for writing such a fabulous (get tragic story). Please continue to write!
7/4/2012 c3 Guest
I really don't know how to say how brilliant this story is. I was actually speechless for a few minutes. It's really sad, that you don't continue it...
This is a heart breaking story, plain and simple. It grabs your heart and wrenches it in your chest. As a person who gets very quiet when I am sad I understand exactly what you mean by "Silence is Golden" Sometimes, words just arent needed, or wanted.

On a slightly less depressing note, it is almost a shame that you are not continuing this story. Its been seven years since the last update so I feel safe in assuming this. Still, I can't help but but be curious about how the other students would react when they found out about his A)parentage and B) his pet snake. I can just here the screaming.
6/1/2011 c3 23Jaricchi
ARGH! this story made me teary eyed! i bow down to your superior abilities (i really did at your second chapter because i know how that felt like)! anyway, this AU is really good and i believe everything you've written is exactly how HP wouldv'e played out if Harry was continually unheard. (which he really was) but silently i believe that this does harry more justice than the real harry was.

8) exellent job! and hope there will be more to come.

ever reading,

11/15/2010 c3 bananacupcakes
please update soon :)
7/15/2010 c3 4anemix
This is really sad and bittersweet, and I love it. Is it complete though?


( . .)


6/15/2010 c3 21echoing noise
i read this on celebony's site and loved it so much... and then i thought maybe, just maybe , it would be on here. searched and found it.

I cry every time i read this, i hate this for doing that to me... but I love this story more than anything else. ever.

-echoing noise, who for some reason this time can't sign it 'love'.
6/14/2010 c1 5imPERFECTology
Your story made me cry tears of joy and made my heart bleed tears of pain.
10/15/2007 c3 a slytherin phoenix
I've been reading fanfiction for a long time and i have to say that this story, especially the first two chapters, is perhaps one of the best i've ever read. The way that you wrote it kept me enthraled and wanting to read more. Very well writen. I loved it. keep it up!

a slytherin phoenix
10/5/2007 c3 whimsy007
The sparse yet poetic style you used for this chapter was very effective at communicating the look, feel and emotions of Harry and Ginny within the context of the last battle.

Please continue this story. So many questions. Will others discover that he is the son of Harry and Ginny? Black hair with green eyes is rather distinctive. How will the Weasleys react? Was it Ron who found Harry with Ginny? What happened to Ron and if he was the one who found them together, does he understand what he did to both Harry and Ginny? Why would he feel betrayed? What happened to Hermione? What about Dumbledore and the others who ignored Ginny's concerns about Harry?
9/27/2007 c3 9Evra7
I'm crying right now!This stories so sad! But it's really good.

7/27/2007 c3 1sectumsempra
That was really sad. I wonder if Jamie will tell anyone his true story. Or if any of his family will ever find out about him and Ginny.

I think I am in love with your portrayal of characters. It's like, you make them completely different, but somehow, they're still the same.

(In case you don't know, I am an avid fan of 'Gabriel'.

I'm sad to see that you haven't updated this story in a long time.

It's so beautiful. I wish there was more to read.

Maybe one day you will add some more?

I can only hope =).

This is a truly amazing story. I really hope you haven't left it.
7/15/2007 c1 Jenious
I hate you for writing this story. Not because it was bad, but because I actually cried. Not the few tears that drop when I read an angsty Harry Potter story, but I was actually bawling, at one point. And an 18 year old defensive tackle does not bawl.
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