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1/18/2014 c1 scarlet knight75
8/3/2010 c1 3TheWorldBelongsToME
As one who knows nothing of the subject matter, I can say I still understood what was going on and still enjoyed it! And I think the song is well chosen and in tune with the mood of the story. ;) And thanks for the comment on my story!
9/20/2008 c1 Lily887787
aw cute story!
5/25/2006 c1 3FireKitsGal
loved it
12/20/2005 c1 3Dark Angel Shadow
5/25/2005 c1 10MidnightKitsuneInuAshurii
aw that was so sweet! wel cyaz
1/12/2005 c1 Helbourne
Shocking! Great! (Yes I'm going to read all of your stories as I have nothing to do...)
12/25/2004 c1 Outspoken Lamb
Gah! I think this is so sweet~! I would never imagine Yukina and Shippo together but it's still so SWEET! And I could just hug the Kag/Yus pairing to death because I love it!

You should really make a sequel of this!

I think everone is a baka if they flame this fanfic! *cough* flamerman006 who doesn't have a life *cough*
10/29/2004 c1 shadow miko
Great fic hurry write more can't wait!11
10/18/2004 c1 25Dark Inu Fan
interesting one-shot. and the twist with shippou and yukina was good. good luck with your other stories! dark
10/6/2004 c1 5The Youkai Nightmare
AH! I LOVED IT! ^_^ Yukina and Shippo...you should make a fic devoted to them!
10/2/2004 c1 Broken Lavender
*^_^* This story was so cute!
9/25/2004 c1 Kurai Mori
This is a great story even though it was kinda short, but it's a great one shot! The song fits for it and the weird thing is, is that NUMB starting playing when I was reading this. Creepy. All I really wanna know from this story is how Yukina and Shippo met. Hmm.. possible side story one shot? lol. My fav. part was when Kagome woke up and Yusuke kissed her. That was kinda funny that he choose to kiss her instead of saying 'hey' or something like that. And now I'm rambling, so I'll be quiet now and read Burn.
9/20/2004 c1 HI
Hi! again, i am SO sorry if i scarid you BUT I AM WIRED! (to much coke..)

hehehehehehehehehehehehe i like this one too!




9/16/2004 c1 5jeff kine

This was awsome. That HAD to be the best G story I've ever read.
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