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1/15/2006 c2 1Lilly69
BB: shold be Daniel Radcliffe WHAT HE'S HOTT!

Robin: Tyler Richardson no idea why

Star: should be that girl that hangs out with willow aka raven.

P.s please make it so BB & Raven go out!

Or else.Else is very scary alittle to scary.

keep the good work up!

10/24/2005 c2 2ShadowCatOfTheNight
Update ASAP. Also, make sure that Starfire's profile is good. If its not...well, lets just say its going to be very hot for you.
4/22/2005 c2 2teen titan girl
the name 4 beast boy should be garfield logon
1/6/2005 c1 Daeren Ryft
A story dedicated to ME? WOOHOO! By the way, I finally got off my lazy butt and put up the next installment of the Praetorian saga! Check it out if you wish.
12/18/2004 c2 3BellaMuerte13
are you going to update. plz do i really like it.
10/11/2004 c2 Qult
Good Chapter. Keep going on this.
10/11/2004 c1 Qult
Good start.
9/25/2004 c2 3TIGERGRRrr
I`ll help u! umm... let me think ... u could think of something related to his powers. lets see what i can wipe up in this empty skull of mine. (think for a very, very, very, very, very, very long time)... Jake Parks, (this is harder than is sounds) or Mark Livinton, maybe Tim Elfman... O i know how about Jason Crowman? or maybe Seth Smith? I hope all of these selection help! Update soon!

P.S What r the couplings?
9/21/2004 c2 10SnowballHeat16
It's good, once again maybe more chapter length? You could Beast Boy's real name in the comics for your fic? It's: Garfield Logan. Hope you up date soon ^_^
9/18/2004 c2 The Dark Hanyou
A name for Beast boy? How about Cub Macet? I don't know sorry the name isn't that good. Please update. Thank you.
9/18/2004 c2 C.W. Zealon
hmm... a name for bb... Mike Slasher? first thing i thought of. i just let my fingers type what ever i was thinking:P cant wait for the next chappie!
9/13/2004 c1 Spidy-02
i can notice you have watched many apisode in cartoonetwork of the teentitans but you could make the next story better
9/3/2004 c1 SnowballHeat16
Pretty good, I would like to see where this fic is going. Just a note: A little more chapter length would be nice.
9/2/2004 c1 3TIGERGRRrr
I`m not reele fond of raven and robin, but the plot of the story has gotten me interested. i wonder what bb`s porfile is...
9/1/2004 c1 The Dark Hanyou
This could get pretty interesting.
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