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8/17/2005 c1 bluesxde
OMG, that was so cute!
6/8/2005 c1 3Inuyasha- lover- forever
I love it! YAY I love yuske and kagome pairings! YUMMY!
5/20/2005 c1 3Rheanen
you now have 3 stoeis in my c2 archive good job
1/12/2005 c1 Helbourne
... Already? It's done? Aww...
9/25/2004 c1 Kurai Mori
*has little tears in eyes* that was so.. soo.. wonderful! The proposal scene was perfect and the woman in the crowd.. lol.. someone was caught up in the moment. That was a great sequel of sorts to NUMB. Both of those stories are now some of my favs. Kepp on writing great YusKag stories!
9/10/2004 c1 41Kudos4U
Ah! You could keep going with this.
9/7/2004 c1 3inu-fluff-luvrS.Weez
KEWLNESS! So much fluff! I LOVE IT! FLUFF! ^_^
9/4/2004 c1 8anime-freek-89
hahahaha, poor yukina! im envious, u have way better one-shots than me; i cant write worth shit. oh well. but seriously, u have talent so it shouldnt be too long until u come up with another ficcy. u may continue. lol, jk.
9/3/2004 c1 117Sakura Sango
What a beautiful story. So wonderful. I loved it a lot. ^_^

*jumps up and down like crazy* *clears throat* Hehe I love that song Burn. *holds up a sign sayin- Go Burn Go* Heh yeah right. Anyways great story. Loved it...
9/2/2004 c1 Americanpuppy842
Its cute for sure. Its sweet.

P.S love the lady that says ,"SAY YES DAMMIT! SAY YES!" ahahah, jsut so funny. But overall good job.! woo first to rate.!

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