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for Lust or Love or Both?

7/19/2005 c4 Victoria
hurry up and update! its a great story!
5/5/2005 c4 Dark Gotham
Cool story.This one is nice to.
12/5/2004 c4 Lilly
Very nice fic! Is something going to happen with Hermione and Ron? I'm very curious. And Harry and Draco make a very... intersting couple. But it still is a good fic. Update, please, as soon as possible.
11/3/2004 c4 HPDM-Slash-Rocks
looking forward to what happens next
9/12/2004 c4 9DirtyLies
awsome ^_^...short yes, but awsome none the less
9/12/2004 c4 39Beloved
unique concept.

the fact that hermionie and ron call draco draco is a bit off, but generally a pretty well written fic.

whats up w/ herm? you've got me curious!

more soon please
9/4/2004 c3 9DirtyLies
^_^ Awsome, Hermione is on the cirious side...^^ Update soon!
9/3/2004 c2 DirtyLies
Awsome, yeah its a lil short XD BUT I LOVESHORT CHAPTERS! long chapters make me sleepy! Post soon!

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