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8/12/2005 c1 1Virosa
can u up-date PLZ?
8/1/2005 c1 7D-sama
‘Now his eyes shine with VIOLENCE!’

That just sounded like a corny censcor (sp?)

'Now his eyes shine with DEATH!' would have sounded better. no goin on my author alert
9/14/2004 c1 17Silverscale
I love this story and hopes that you will update it again really soon.
9/8/2004 c1 CyberAngelOne
Not to sure what to make of this just yet though I would like to see more. I have to admit that I have not read DragonLance
9/8/2004 c1 Lanara Bolina
very good story. i hope you update it very soon.
9/7/2004 c1 Nyeshet
An interesting start for a potentially excellent story. Will you be drawing upon AMG/OMG? I'm guessing that what- was- once- Ranma is now a demon of some sort? Why did you choose the name Lucian? When I first read it I thought for a moment you had made Ranma into an incarnation/ avatar* of Lucifer! (* same thing, really)

As for Ragnarok: acording to the mythology it is a massive war between the gods and the giants (and I suppose you could add in the demons) where [b]all[/b] was destroyed (first by ice: Fimbulveter, IIRC, and then by fire from the lord of fire giants: Surtr). But 4 or 5 gods remained, sons of the original asgardians, and they created a new world after the utter annihilation of the old.
9/7/2004 c1 Jerry Unipeg
Great start.
9/7/2004 c1 4KiraDN
Awesome. Just awesome. You better update or else I'm going to bother you and bother you until you can't take it anymore. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE OR ELSE! COME ON! QUICKER! A PRESCHOOLER CAN TYPE FASTER THAN THAT! (no really, please just update soon)
9/7/2004 c1 15Locke1
Hmm, not alot of people are really familiar with Norse myths, (other than the little tib bits they gain from watching too much OMG ^^;) it seems you know a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing how you go on with this fic and even more interested in how your going to portray Ragnarok, (and unless i'm mistaken, that is the twilight of the gods, not excatly doom, just means they can die out, but that is just a possibility. Ragnarok is pretty open minded you know, but then again, this is your fic so I can't say anything about it, and I guess that is good use of creative license...) Great start, hope to see more of it ^^; (geez, i'm ranting alot aren't I -,-)
9/7/2004 c1 Gopu
Hoping to read more soon. This was an excellent start.
9/7/2004 c1 4Xzero
Excellent beginning to what is assured to be an excellent series. Good luck. So I speak.


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