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for Not Another Trigun:Inuyasha Crossover

11/29/2004 c2 3trigirl48
*LAUGHING UNCONTROLABLY* Oops caps lock stupid, anyway. Plotless fics are my favorite! There so funny! It should be interesting to see what happens when they all meet up.
11/16/2004 c2 7Kawaii Youko
Poor Shippou. What a terrible fate indeed, ingestion by teletubby. Pity, he was my favourite character in this chapter.

Interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter.

~K. Youko
11/16/2004 c1 Kawaii Youko
This is so wonderfully random.. though, usually, if a story's in script format, it tends to get banned. Just letting you know. Next chapter!

~K. Youko
10/6/2004 c1 anime-boi-crazed
continue story now! So far its coolness to the tenth power, write more, cause if u don't i will die, litterally.
10/5/2004 c2 anime-boi-crazed
YAy! I like your story, write more, NOW MUSH! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO! Your story is the kinda krap i need to get outta bed evry mornin, even if i havta walk 40 feet to get to it! YAY!
9/16/2004 c2 tpfairy16
What? You want a review?

-from Naraku's castle.- I'm doing my yoga, damnit! Can't this wait?

-sigh- u.u guess not. Well, you're going to force me anyway, right? So here's what I have to say about this:

((I can't believe this! I'll get you for this you bastards! I'll ge- **is eaten by telitubbie**))

This next message comes straight from the bellie of, self-dubbed, Tinkie Winkie.


'HOORAY FOR RANDOM INSANITY! Ew-what's that? It's all gross in here, wish I had a light *mumbles incohertly* EW! THAT'S A...A... *suddenly a flashlight is turned on to reveal the chewed up/half devoured corpse of Po.* THAT'S ONE OF IT'S OWN! TINKIE WINKIE'S NOT ONLY GAY, BUT HE'S A CANNIBAL! AH!'

:From over in the corner of the purple beast's stomach: That's what I screamed after I was eaten. Then again, no one'd know about that, seeing as they all left me! *Shippou cries baby-ishly*

'Shippou? OH NO! That means... I won't be saved! I'll be sitting here digesting for hours upon hours on end! NU!'

Last Transmition:

9/16/2004 c2 Soul's Eclipse
Fun,fun,fun,fun,fun... FUNNY!
9/16/2004 c2 Causticprincess
lol, can't wait til chapter three! Lollie lollie lollie! Brush ahh... Don't ask! Keep up the good work. :)
9/15/2004 c2 4ChibiSess
LOL! *falls of chair laughing* I love it!

My fav was the first chapter, but then again, Im going through an extreem Trigun obsession. ^_^ I can wait to read chappie three! YAY!
9/15/2004 c1 Soul's Eclipse
Okay, that was so fun and funny!
9/14/2004 c1 tpfairy16
One word: WOT!


Will Legato come back to life! Gasp, Alicia we shall have to discuss his predicament thoroughly. It could turn out to be quite entertaining. BWAHAHAH.

And again: WOOT!
9/14/2004 c1 15Nikki Kiraga
*laughs her butt off* CHEEKS...PAIN...HELP! That was hilarious! Millie destroying Gunsmoke because it's made of dirt..o.o'' Weird. So funny, though!
9/14/2004 c1 Tasuki No Miko4
That was pointless...but so frekin funny! I loved it! More More! *HAHAHAHAHAHA! *momentary insanity.* Ok...I'm calm...*evil smile* More...

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