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6/18/2021 c61 Masherchik
I don’t know what to say...many of us (readers) start their reviews with such words but it’s true I’m at a loss for words...
Thank you for the enormous work you’ve done, thank you for the images I could clearly see in my mind (though some of them were quite disturbing) thank you for that palpable tension and suspense, thank you for the relatively happy ending...
I have read the best story ever! I hope you’re a famous writer now for your talent is unquestionable!
6/8/2021 c61 Ohana15
Brilliantly written, this work had so much depth, beauty, and darkness to it. The concepts were so well conceived and layered, the characters were wriiten with care and complexity. It was a treasure watching this story unfold <3
8/20/2020 c61 Eaze
I have no words to describe how beautiful this story is. I haven't felt such strong emotions while reading a story in a very long time. Your words have made the Middle–earth come alive in my mind. Your portrayal of Legolas - his sense of duty, devotion to the ones he loves, is mesmerizing. I know that everything I write will be inadequate to express how brilliant this story is. But nonetheless, thank you for sharing your gift with us. I will certainly be rereading this in the future.
5/20/2020 c61 Perla92
WOW! Looks like I have the honor to be your 2000th commenter!

First of all, I would like to apologize for leaving the comment to the end. I really couldn't stop reading. I had to know what to happen.
I know it's a lame excuse. very selfish for me. Sorry.

I really really would like to say "THANK YOU!" I love your story. It's rare to find such a well-written fanfiction. It's very neatly written. I love it!
The rhythm was slow but in a good way. I made so impatient to know what would happen newt that I couldn't stop reading!

I love how you handled the theme of rape. It's very critical and usually, people cannot handle it or even worse use it as if it's normal consensual sex. Which is so very wrong.

You really knew how to integrated it in your story and as it should be: The biggest crime. A cruel instrument of war to break the victim. Which is sadly a reality.
You made me feel so sad and overwhelmed. Legolas' deep emotions, how he felt rejected by everyone even by the Valar. How he felt the whole world turning against him. How he blamed himself thinking he disgraced the Valar by using the sea as a refuge.
This is so correct and so touching and reflects how horrible and wrong the act of rape is.
I'm not against using it in stories since it does exist in our cruel reality, but it should be described as it really is: A horrible this crime. So thank you very much for that.

Then you neatly worked how to make an elf survive such aggression instead of fading while respecting the rules of middle earth. You showed how long, hard, and tiring the process of healing is (not just some comforting hugs and words) And that there's always a price in the end.
I loved Gimli. How he was there for Legolas and also he gave meaning and purpose to him. I felt sorry for him was Thranduil said that he raped his friend's mind. Elvellon was so loving and very protective. He made me smile every time! :)

Then comes the best part: The healing process! Aragorn was so noble! Like always!
Using men's ability to forget over time. Wow, such a solution never crossed my mind! Since men can survive such aggression why not use the reason behind it: The blessing of forgetting over time!
That was ingenious!
The only close thing I've ever read was making the victim totally forget what happened thanks to magic.
But I prefer yours because making the victims completely forget at once makes the victim vulnerable. What if something happens and he gets reminded of the aggression?
Also, your solution was based on a huge sacrifice:
Legolas paid a huge price to save his friend Aragorn just to have Aragorn paying the same price to save him back. A very true friendship.

The connection between the body and soul and the description of Delgurth. Oh god, Wow. I enjoyed reading it! You explained everything in detail and it was so neat!
But, I can feel and see that you gave all your time and passion thinking of such details and writing this story.
No wonder it took you 5 years. It was huge. You are very talented!

There are many other things I would like to talk about too, Arwen's reaction and confrontation toward Legolas, Thranduil, and the wood elves and of course the corsairs and Delgurth... I just don't know how to organize all the thoughts of my mind... Unfortunately, I'm not very talented with words.

Well, something for sure, your fanfiction will remain very unique. I've never seen anything like that before and never will.
Thank you again and I hope we will have more huge and awesome fanfictions from you.

PS: I can see you have other small ones, I will check them!

Enjoy your day! 3
5/18/2020 c61 Guest
What an amazing story! Thank youuuu! ️
5/12/2019 c61 6Ammodytus
Great work!
8/24/2018 c1 Sfumina
Hi. I hope you will read this someday.
So, I'm about to finish reading this fanfiction but I don't want to. As it happens to me while finishing amazing books I cannot push myself to read the last chapter because I don't want the story to end. I want it to remain forever on "reading", I want the feelings it gave me to linger over me forever. Foolish me, this happened with printed books, always written by famous authors and eventually I always knew how the story actually ends. I may not read the last chapter or paragraphs because anyway (foolish me as I said) I knew how it ends.
But now what should I do?
Your fanfiction is not worldwide famous, has not been discussed, reviewed or criticized by medias. This is not a book I can hold in my hand with its proper weight, cover, author brief description... But it should have. Seriously, let me talk more freely now: this should be sold in bookshops. I know, I know about copyrights issues etcetera... I'm just saying, we should find this is bookstores. The plot is so finely designed and coherent that I'm surprised when I see you've been writing this for 5 years. What kind of immense passion has lead you during those long years, what amazing determination and study to weave such complex events. The focus to details that fall together like a puzzle... I have images burnt in my mind from so many scenes you acutely described. Also moments, fractions of seconds or slight movements that carried huge meanings.
How I wanted to hug everyone in there at some point, how I missed the strong Legolas that held Arwen begging for help at the beginning of everything while he wandered broken and lost. Because in my opinion, you destroyed him in the finest way. Sounds funny but as it was painful to witness it was also SO MUCH FUN.
We, readers, are human after all. Our minds are twisted, after all.
In time I'll push myself to read the end... but now. Not still. I might re-read it first, in some time, because I feel I missed some layers. This is not, in fact, the first time I read it without finishing.
See you again then. In the meantime... thank you for this story.
4/11/2018 c16 114Rookblonkorules
No, no, no, no, oh crap, he's been caught.
3/27/2018 c5 Rookblonkorules
I appreciate your warning. I've read too many fics that give no warning before launching into an explicit scene of some sort and though this wasn't explicit, I am still grateful for your warning.
"Aragorn put his head down on his arms and wept." I find myself pitying him. Whatever is going on with him, I want to see this resolved. I want to see OUR Aragorn back. Not this one, who'd hurt Arwen and honestly doubt her loyalty to him, accuse Legolas of... that. And... who knows what else by the time this story is through.
3/27/2018 c3 Rookblonkorules
Oh... this is bad... Yeah, this is bad.
Aragorn is going to get the wrong idea and that... that will not go over well.
3/27/2018 c2 Rookblonkorules
I love the banter between the two of them.
3/24/2018 c1 Rookblonkorules
So... I'm going to give this story a go. I can't promise I'll stick with it, because I've skipped ahead to see the warnings and... we'll see, I guess. But I'm giving it a go.
It already seems that something is off with Aragorn. And even with that frightening realization, we do have the knowledge that Arwen is pregnant? I'd congratulate the happy couple, but... they don't seem too happy right now.
2/22/2018 c44 6Elwaith
I loved Aragorn's speech in this. He's right, killing the Corsairs and mistreating the other prisoners as well as the dead would only cause more of them to hate Gondor. I wish... real life leaders of countries could read that speech.

The part about Legolas was devastating. The fact that he hasn't spoken in days? But there are still many more chapters to go. There has to be some healing by then, at least some. There has to be.
12/19/2017 c61 1Lireth
Wow. Just wow. I’ve devoured this story over the past few days, and I can honestly say it’s the best LotR fanfiction I’ve ever read - perhaps the best fanfic I’ve ever read period. I’ve been reading fanfiction for the past 15 years and I search high and low for quality stories about the fandoms I love...but this story blew me away. I wish I had a printed, bound copy on my shelf - this is more than a book in its own right. The superb characterizations, the way my emotions were manipulated, the realistic way the angsty scenes were dealt with and the believable consequences of the characters’ actions...just amazing. Thank you so much for the wild ride - I couldn’t put this story down, and I want to re-read it again and again. Doubtless I will over the years.

Did you ever publish your original story? I can’t find anything about it on your bio. I would buy it in a heartbeat, if this story is anything to go off of. In any case, I wish you luck if your future endeavors, and thank you again for this wonderful work!
6/13/2017 c61 Envy015
This fic is brilliant. Incredible. I've hardly been able to take my mind off it in the three days since I started reading.
You put together a believable and well-written LOTR story using the characters flawlessly! Valar, your Legolas and Thranduil are so perfectly in-canon! I think Legolas is Thranduil's the only son, but, well, your story, your rules :)
The input you gave about the relationship between Legolas, Aragorn and Arwen will be a new head-canon for me.
Great work, thank you!
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