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7/26/2014 c6 Harley Beast
Love this fan fic! :)
2/19/2009 c57 8Lydja-chan
I've just spent the good part of the week happily enjoying your HB stories. Rather than leave a bunch of comments I figured I'd just condense it all a bit. Firstly, I enjoy your writing style very much. Your tendency to include real places and actual research is enjoyable and refreshing. It gives such depth to both the events and the characters. I also enjoy the way that you have blended the movie and comicverse. I myself have only read a few comics that I been able to access online, but I think it's important to honor the source work. (btw: love your use of Kate) The orginal charaters that exsist in your work are all wonderfully fleshed out and feel natural to the stories they appear in. I know that you have been producing these works for more than four years but it has been an interesting experience to absorb them all in a few days. They create a beautiful pattern, weaving in and out of each other, each a distinct part of the whole. I look forward to the continuation of "Hellboy's Family" and hope that you will find the desire to finish that narrative. Thank you for all your hard work and this wonderful version of Hellboy. Best of luck in the future. ^_^*
9/26/2008 c57 cornfields1
I haven't actually seen Casablanca, so I'm a little intrigued now to see it.

"Borrowed wisdom", I like that. It was from the priest Hellboy called OJ wasn't it?

I like that you chose the movieverse Liz's birthday. I think that most of your Liz work tends to involve Hellboy romantically, so I think it's better suited to the movie, than the comics where Hellboy's love life is sort of unmined territory. That's probably the only part I don't favour about the comics.

Great update, sorry it took me so long to get to it, I've had such a busy social life lately, all of my friends have just graduated High school, so it's been all shopping and parties and going out for dinner, etc.

Hope everything is going well for you.

Thanks Beth, I just love it more and more every time!
9/10/2008 c57 2simplexcontradiction
This is amazing. You are an amazing author.

I was bad and read the prologue than went straight to the newest chapter, but I'm definitely going to sit down and read this whole story. It's worth it.
9/10/2008 c57 dc4168
Very nice. I love how Liz wants to be near HB when she is afraid but takes her time to warm up to him. I adore his patience with. God, I feel so bad for her and all that she is trying to deal with. Oh and at the start when when you described his heart in his throat when she knocked - mine went with his. Wonderful work as usual. Thanks.
9/10/2008 c57 LM
I liked the image of cats sleeping on warm TVs!

For someone like me just jumping in, this is good background on Liz's emotional turmoil-the anguish she feels, even with all the kindness and support she is getting. Can we hope for a happy ending?
9/10/2008 c57 blushing.white.rose
aw. I loved this chapter. Poor Liz, I feel so bad for her. I thought it was sweet how she came to Hellboy though. Apparently they kind of made up since the last chapter?

Great job, can't wait for more!
9/9/2008 c57 94BetaReject
I haven't read the rest of the story just this last chapter and I got to say it just drew me right in. I love the movie Casablanca heh so that was an added bonus.

I really enjoyd how Hellboy can read her emotions and thoughts just through her actions. The way he respects her space and knows just when to offer his support.

It reminded alot of that short story you did of him protecting her from the dark. How here in a roundabout way he does that again. Reminding her that she is light, and that the dark is only as powerful as she lets it.

Beautiful work as always though now I have to backtrack and get caught up HAHA
9/6/2008 c56 Ofelia
Amazing, simply amazing.
8/31/2008 c34 29DelightedlyLost
Alright..I have to ask...ever since the rat started smoking and wore a three piece suit I wanted to, are you by any chance a fan of The Great Mouse Detective movie? Because I'll tell you right now that rat demon seriously reminds me of a certain Professor Ratigan in that movie. Amusing me to no end I have to say but still...are you? Or am I just drawing parallels that make sense only to me? Aside from that, it's a very wonderful story you have here and I am very glad I found it. Kudos to you.
8/27/2008 c56 dc4168
I just discoved this story and am so smitten! It is just wonderful. The depth of your writing and character development is beautiful. I can not wait until you return to the story as I am sure there is so much more to come. Thank you for shairng this with all of us.
8/20/2008 c1 2Blushing.white.rose
I miss this story! You are going to continue it, right?
8/15/2008 c56 cornfields1
Awesome, thanks Beth.

You're right, it is unmined territory, their complicated relationship when Liz was so young. But you've definitely hit the nail on the head, it's exactly what I would expect from Mike Mignola.

I've had a few drabbles and oneshots about a younger Liz floating around on my computer, but she's really OOC, so I haven't posted them on FFN. I've just started buying a few comics off eBay (yay!) so I'm sort of just reading at the moment, and I'm not doing any writing. I guess it's because the movies leave so much of Hellboy's past untold, and not all of it is covered by the comics; that I find it easy to come up with completely original stories, but also really difficult to stay true to the characters at the same time.

So I'm doing alot of character study at the moment, and I realised that I've probably learnt just as much from your stories as I have from the comics and graphic novels.

Thanks again Beth!
8/10/2008 c56 Blushing.white.rose
Wow. Pretty good story you got going on here. I commend you on your excellence.

It does feel weird to read about HB's relationship with Kate though, since I'm such a Liz/Red fangirl. Can't imagine him being that way with anyone else...but that's just me!

Anyway, I can't wait to see how you explore Hellboy and Liz's relationship. Looking forward to more!
8/8/2008 c56 14Maryilee
I *love* this line:

There are times you have to let go of what you want, especially if you can’t change what you are.”

That just completely sums up Hellboy and his life. I also loved the little details like when she was clenching the sheet, but my favorite part was how you showed Hellboy's hurt. Sometimes a moment of silence can say more than a thousand words of flowery prose. Great job!
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