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3/1/2005 c23 2Tess LaCalme
Well, you already know that I have no complaints at all and I love the story and you do a great there. ^^; I like how you're putting Kate and HB together, I mean, even being the Liz/Hellboy supporter I am, I still won't turn down a good Kate/HB romance. ^^ Love it, love it, and see you next chappie.
3/1/2005 c23 28TheShadowCat
Uh oh. Trouble is a brewin'. Update soon please. I'm dying to find out what these rats want.
2/19/2005 c22 3Reading Girl
Once more, I love it. So, so much. Really. You have a great gift. The writing straddles the line between being out of character due to too much sweetness and out of character due to none; a very, very fine line it is, as well.

Please keep up the great, marvelous wonderful work and post more soon!

Sorry it took me so long to get you your review. Life... is rebelling my continued ignorance of its existence. Grahr.
2/16/2005 c22 12Pintsizedpsycho
This is a great chapter! I can't wait to read more! Please hurry with the next chapter! :)
2/15/2005 c22 31Silverblacktears
*eyes your 100 reviews greedily* Wow, I wish something I wrote got 100 reviews, but I don't write distinctively enough for that.

Anyway, moment of childish self-pity over - good update.

*Chibi abe proceeds to beat Chibi Hellboy over the head with the Russian book.*

2/14/2005 c22 2Tess LaCalme
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful as always. ^^ I can't wait until the next chapter. Sorry to make this so brief but keep up the great work. ^^
2/14/2005 c22 28TheShadowCat
Great update. I wonder what big nasty they face this time. Hope you update soon.
2/4/2005 c21 3Reading Girl
I love it! Not that I expected anything less than excellence from you, but it always manages to catch me by surprise. You have a real gift for capturing sweetness in the characters but keeping it from sticky-sweet-overly-sugary goo, very difficult to do. There's a piercing air to it, just so adorable that its perfect.
2/2/2005 c21 2Tess LaCalme
Aw, they're bonding. ^^ As always, good work, and can't wait to see more.
2/2/2005 c21 Pilotslover
Am too lazy to sign in - *sigh*

Cool update.

I saw Abe as the older of the two, but it could work both ways - that sounded really condescending of me, I meant to say that I'd never thought of it that way.

2/1/2005 c21 28TheShadowCat
Wonderful update. I love the relationship that you're creating between the two. I still don't think that Abe would be able to use chopsticks though because of the webbing between his fingers. Hope you update soon.
1/28/2005 c20 12Pintsizedpsycho
Great chapters! I can't wait to read more! Please hurry with the next chapter! :)
1/27/2005 c20 3Reading Girl
Sorry I'm reviewing so late! This is *another* great chapter, truly wonderful indeed. Some people really need a sibling, or someone of a siblingish disposition, and in my opinion Hellboy is firmly in that group. :)

All of your scenes with Hb and Professor Broom are so unbelievably adorable! Really, they're cute beyond measure. You really manage to capture a soft side to Hb without completely reversing his personality.

Please update soon!
1/26/2005 c20 2Tess LaCalme
Aw...that was a very touching chapter. I had misty eyes on a few parts. ^^ But I'll be okay *sniffle*. ^^ I'm glad to see everyone's okay. Well, as always, keep up the wonderful work and see you next chapter.
1/26/2005 c20 11Smego Baggins
Just a quick review!

Being brothers does seem better than just being friends. Much more safer that way.

I've been camping and say the most AMAZING thing, but I'll tell though e-mail, truth, I'm lucky to be alive. But not here.

Cannot wait for you to update again.

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