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12/3/2004 c7 2Tess LaCalme
Awesome! You updated! ::does salsa update dance:: I can't wait for more 'cause this is getting even more interesting. ^^ Keep up the good work and see ya next chapter.
11/24/2004 c6 TheShadowCat
I really like this. Kate's chapter had me crying. I can't wait for the next Abe chapter. He's my favorite character, too.
11/6/2004 c6 Tess LaCalme
Yay! Another wonderful chapter. I can't wait to see the next chapter. Good job!
11/6/2004 c6 Magnate
Nice job on the details; I like how you've put good thought into the everyday objects.
11/6/2004 c4 15dragoneyes171986
very nice I really liked it I've always wondered what Trevor Broom did after he found Hellboy, I know he raised him but how he got to keep him it was just so nice how you wrote it
10/21/2004 c1 2AlleyD8
Hi i love this story so much, its so sweet! I'm actually a huge fan of your other stories too, like "A Tale of Demon Rights", "Father's Day Gifts", and "Remember Who You Are". Its just that, they sound as if Mike Magnola helped to write them, they fit so perfectly into the movie. Very nice work. Keep it up!
10/19/2004 c5 5LemurPirate
I've actually been looking forward to this chapter. It seems that each person in the fandom has a different take on the whole Hellboy-Kate dynamic - I like yours. It's very sweet, and it suits both of their characters very well.

There's a lot of exposition in this chapter, and it feels rushed in places. Take your time, let the words flow. Phrasing is important, especially in a content-heavy chapter like this. I would have liked to see more of a contrast between young Katie's way of talking and young Hellboy's; after all, she was only 8. 8-10 is a hard age range to write, because you don't want them to sound too adult and you don't want them to sound too childish, but when it's done well it's certainly worth the effort.

But those are minor flaws. All in all, this is lovely - very touching. The scene at the airport was pure Kate; I was impressed and pleasantly surprised at how well you wrote her. And the last scene was just beautiful - I could see it so clearly.

Well done. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Abe has always fascinated me, to tell you the truth...
10/19/2004 c5 2KitaraKata
Aw, so sad. Wonderful chapter epall.
10/17/2004 c5 DW
Oh, Wonderful! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. Ever since I read the Bio on Hellboy that said Abe & he didn't get along at first I've been hoping someone would write about! :P :)
10/17/2004 c5 2Tess LaCalme
This is an awesome story so far. I like how you word things. Keep up the good work and I look forward to chapter 5! ^_^
9/27/2004 c3 17Underwater Owl
Thats a nice perspective from a not so run of the mill character. I don't think I've ever seriously read a Broom fic before this. I am very impressed.
9/24/2004 c2 2KitaraKata
Creepy. I'd hate to have nightmares of my future... Even though he didn't remember most of them.
9/17/2004 c1 KitaraKata
Aw, I can picture a little baby HellBoy screaming at his own reflection. ;_; So sad... Wait, can I have permission to use that idea to a deeper extent in one of my upcoming HellGirl stories?
9/17/2004 c1 33Alamo Girl
Good start. Please continue, I'd like to see more from you! Great work!
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