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4/15/2007 c48 cornfields1
So very fluffly. *sniff*
4/15/2007 c47 cornfields1
Okay, first thing, I LOVED how you described the way Hellboy felt when he was holding Liz in his arms, surrounded by her blue fire. Makes me think of the end of the movie.

I have SO much more reading to catch up on. God I've missed this story.
4/14/2007 c49 28TheShadowCat
Great update, nasty place to end it, but we know he survives to make it to 2004, so no worries. Life's been busy here, but I've finally have a start on the latest chapter on my Hellboy story. Damn writer's block combined with a crazy muse does not make for quick chapter writing. More soon please.
4/9/2007 c47 apenamee
I like the way you thought through Liz's flame talent; that she is protected by a special layer of flame.

I wondered what happened to the clothes too. Glad you took that only as far as you did.

Hope you had a great Easter.
3/31/2007 c46 cornfields1
It has been far too long. I've really missed this story. It's so good to actually have time to read! I just feel so happy right now!

I loved this chappy, as always. I like the way that there's a connection between Hellboy and Liz... and it's so mysterious. And it's exciting too because we know that they end up falling in love but there's so much that happens in between that we dont know about.
3/15/2007 c48 26Draco's Daughter
Daw. Hellboy/Liz fluff and kittahs! Can't beat that.

Yep, another good addition worth waiting for. Don't keep me waiting for more much longer, Beth, I want to see what your brain can churn out next. *awaits next chapter*
2/6/2007 c47 Draco's Daughter
Daw. Hellboy is such a big teddy bear, especially when injured. n.n

I love how you inject humor into painful situations. "I don't faint." Classic. Uber-macho Hellboy alert.

(Bats at Hellboy's tail like a kittah) Hehehe.
2/5/2007 c47 28TheShadowCat
Great, I wrote a whole review and then the stupid system fizzled on me. *humph*

Glad you updated, but I'm kind of curious how you justify his injuries. In both comic and movie, he's completely fireproof. He's also a very fast healer and would have been out of that bed right quick.

Looking forward to the next update.
2/5/2007 c47 Greg-House-MD
What about Agent Myers... He is apart of the Family too...
1/4/2007 c11 14Helena Valentine
I love your stories. I'm sorry I don't review, you review for all of my chapters. My computer doesn't let me review alot though. But I really like the Abe section of this story, so I'm spending my limited reviewing time reviewing for this section of this story. I hope you keep writing! -H.Valentine
1/3/2007 c46 26Draco's Daughter
I've been a fan of your Hellboy stories for a while now, but never took the time to review. But then Ninth Circle happened and... here I am.

I usually stay away from long stories like this because I get wrapped up in them and go to bed late, leading to a late rise on days I don't have responsibilities (i.e. School) and a grumpy one when I do have them. It took me the better part of last night and from about ten o'clock today to around 6: 30 (on and off between various things like playing with my cat) to read this entire thing. I have one thing to say about that: HOLY-CRAP-THAT-WAS-THE-BEST-SPENT-HALF-DAY-OF-MY-LIFE! *breaths heavily* I have no regrets about the time spent.

On to what I liked: The Abe Chapters. They made me laugh the hardest, especially Abe's "first words." Fan Art may be following, I'll e-mail you if I do end up drawing scenes from this story. Anyways, back to the story, the keplomatic kitten was cute. Especially how it becomes Hellboy's first cat. It reminded me of mine ('cept mine's black and only steals pencil sharpeners and hair ties. Very important to me, though.). The explination of the truck bed was also nice. Lee was probably my favorite OC, next to Marty. So much nicer than Manning. The "cutest" chapter was the Katie one, albeit a little too fluffy for my taste in Hellboy fics. *shrugs*

What I didn't like: The Broom chapters were a little boring to me. I just felt like they didn't have enough dialouge. When they were trying to find Katie and Mindy, it felt like there was too much getting in and out of the Truck, at least, too much in a small amount of time. I felt like every other sentace someone was either getting in or out, after a while I wanted to shout "Ether get in or get out and STAY there!"

The Liz chapters didn't really have anything I liked or disliked at this point but rest assured that I am hooked now and I blame you in all good humor. n_n

1/1/2007 c46 28TheShadowCat
Yeah! You updated! At least one of us is on the ball. *grumblestupidmusegrumble* Can't wait for the next one. Hope your holidays were good. My older son decided to fall off of his chair and break his collar bone two days before Christmas. The past week has been...interesting. At any rate, Happy New Year and hope to have another update up soon.
12/5/2006 c44 3soogi
Nice writing!
12/1/2006 c45 28TheShadowCat
YES! I'm still alive and I survived my trip back home despite the airline booking agent (they put the kids' seats together and then assigned seats for Paul and me in different rows. Nice huh?) It was great to finally meet you.

At any rate, great couple of chapters and I'm hoping for more soon.
11/29/2006 c45 LM
Nice to have the story about grief and loss followed up by a happier one. But how long will that good feeling last for him?
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