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for 101 Ways to Wake Dr Daniel Jackson

1/15 c10 spiralexists
These are literally so good-
9/14/2017 c24 uhhuh202
This story was hilarious. I was reading it on my cell phone in a waiting room and people kept looking at me funny because I was laughing out loud. Very fun. Thank you!
9/14/2017 c24 Uhuh202
This was hilarious. I was reading it on my cellphone in a waiting room and people kept looking at me weird because I was laughing out loud. Very fun, thank you.
3/23/2015 c24 AccountKiller95
Lol love it
5/17/2014 c24 10Lina03
LOL, very cute and awesome at the same time ) thanks for sharing
1/15/2014 c20 Guest
got to love janet and the way she handels jack
9/13/2011 c20 DarkRose4u
I know this story is old, but i LOVE this story SO much. I have to say the same sex relationship thing is new to me. But I LOVE this one. Thanks so much!
7/15/2010 c24 3xaephan
Oh, these two are just adorable! I don't even know the universe all that well, but the antics and the interactions is so sweet. I love all these ideals, but especially the payback part. Domestic scenes are a soft spot of mine.
5/31/2010 c24 61Kokoroyume
Really funny !

I loved it ^^

Thank you for shared this story with us :)
5/24/2010 c24 3DammitJim
Really cute and funny!
3/24/2010 c24 Redheads r smexy

lols, it is though, fuckin hilarious!

thanks for teh laughs!

Rh R S
3/16/2009 c10 Jenn
That was fun :D
1/12/2009 c10 Guest
Funny! When I was about two I used this same method to wake my mom up. I would sneak out of my room, into hers, and stand next to her bed, staring intently until she would startle awake. Of course, at two I didn't have much patience, so half the time I ended up resorting to the "Mommy!" and resume staring method. :P
2/17/2008 c10 Guest
That used to be my favorite way to wake up my parents when I was little. I'd stand next to the bed, staring, until mom got that creepy feeling and opened her eyes. At the first moment I saw her eyes open I'd chirp "Mommy!" in a very loud, fast, excited voice, crawl into bed, and park myself between mom and dad. Then I'd go to sleep. In about five seconds. Drove mom nuts. :)
8/7/2007 c8 1Eerie Iri
SO FUNNY! I nearly died laughing!^_^
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