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2/24/2005 c1 14Mistress of Muses
I liked it. It showed a lot of insight into the series, and into Ryo's perspective. About the only negative thing (constructive criticism here) is that you tend to overuse exclamation marks to a certain degree. They lose their impact if you use them too often. Other than that, great fic! It was in-character and very cute.
1/20/2005 c1 dizzy-otaku

WAH!*crying happy tears*

THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!*still crying*

Its soo sweet...I love it!

But I find it a little out of character for Ryo to call Dee "hot",I think thats really what u thinkk of Dee,am I right?lol

Keep writing more,I still need to read your CCS fanfics.I CAN'T WAIT!*skweals like a little girl*I am a girl!*confused now*@
10/3/2004 c1 4Prince Toki
Well what to say about this one...GOOD like the other ones! I liked it that you put it in a different point of view so I actually understand how both of them are feeling! Soo keep this up Shindo-sensai! I'm right behind you! *thumbs up*
10/2/2004 c1 yaoihime
It's really in depth like the other one. It's great and emotional. It would be pretty cool if they both recieved eachother's letters.

Keep up the good work sis.

9/21/2004 c1 24Kitty in the Box
this is so good! its so ryo! hehe! loved it! and thank you so much for reading my poem dedicated to yoji kudou..yep! i know that image on your pc. that pose is actually inspired from a real jrocker in the flesh! his name is Junji. gods! THEY ARE BOTH HOT! but of course i love my yoji better!
9/20/2004 c1 Gabby
Are Ryo and Dee going to show each other the notes? that would be a funny fic!

also Ryo isn't as forthcoming in the manga, but that's only what we see + a little thoughts.

Just one more thing, you're = you are, your = belongs to person (ex. your car)

thanks for writing good fics!

9/20/2004 c1 1Lord-Rosiel
This fic is so cute! I love the fluffiness ^-^! I also love the fact that in both Ryo and Dee's stories you take refferences from the manga and use them as great examples to support your points. For the most part, the story was very in-character, but there were a few lines which I couldn't picture Ryo using.

Overall, amazing job on both stories! Keep 'em comming!

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