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for One Night In High Heels

8/13/2017 c10 Mizuki Kanra
AAAHHHHHHHH. Sorry just had to let that out. What a great story! I truly love your writing style and the story pin of this fic! I hope to hear more soon, and I don't know if you write smut but will there be some in this story? Imma go check out more of your writing bye!
6/28/2016 c10 Guest
thanks for writing this and have all these freshly baked cookies to give to evryonr else *give cookies* your welcome
1/6/2016 c10 Avelia
I love your story and I am sorry for your loss I hope you can continue it soon xxx
10/12/2015 c10 Emily
Please make the next chapter! I need 11! I love this story and the diolog is amazing! Plz hurry and put up the next chapter
4/25/2015 c10 Guest
Thanks havea cookie (it's chocolate chip )
5/28/2014 c10 24JN Malfoy
Oh my... What happen next? I need to know :( Please update sooon kay?
3/8/2011 c10 1KitsuneDango
why iwant more please write more
12/20/2009 c10 8Lumcer
AGH It was just starting to get good... T_T where is that next chapter you promised ? ? ? 'Sigh' well so far it was good.

2/13/2009 c10 3ridickulus101
This is great! Im so sorry for your loss. Update whenever you can. Can wait. :)
10/11/2008 c10 selena-parker
Hey, I'm very sorry. It's horrible what happened to your friend. It takes time to get over something like it. I don't know if you will ever read this review, because it is probably hard enough to get your life back under control, after such a loss. I just wanted to tell you the story is great and I hope you will continue it. But If you can't everyone will understand it. I hope you will be better soon.
12/10/2006 c10 24Missy Padfoot
Ooh! i love the story! update soon!
12/5/2006 c10 19Liveforthemoments
Wow, this is great! Well done! Please update soon
2/18/2006 c10 Fallen Angel111586
Great fic. Write more soon.
1/4/2006 c10 skimmie
love the story update
12/29/2005 c10 3SugarDevil
I'm so sorry about your friend, that has to be so hard. I really hope you continue this story, it is really great and leaving Draco under crucio trapped in the manner for all time probably wouldn't be too fun for him.

lots of love

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