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1/1/2006 c1 theoutsiders1966
It's absolutely fabulous! Not only the characterization of each greasers is perfect but also your story rocks! Look forward to reading more of your chapters!
12/14/2005 c8 4xCrazyx
Write more please! I started reading this one today and I can't wait for the next chappy! I wouldn't change a thing about this story, it's like absolutely perfect. The characters a in character and everything!:P

Please keep this story going.

7/27/2005 c1 WhatGraceHasGiven
Please update soon! You're very talented! And I'm dying of suspicion! :D
7/2/2005 c8 WhatGraceHasGiven
Please more! Thanks!
6/22/2005 c8 Ashley
your story rules! I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/18/2005 c8 Ashley
Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/27/2005 c8 10WhatGraceHasGiven
This is getting really good! Please continue! :D
5/26/2005 c8 5BlackLightningDX
oh my god-please update soon! I have to know where this goes! It's an interesting thing to happen to Johnny though.. what's darry gonna do?
5/26/2005 c7 27kaz456
Um, this is still my review for chapter 8; I accidently pressed the submit button without meaning to.

Anyways, I was talking about the chapter...I know I've already said this, but I really did think it was great. And now I'm sitting here wishing that you would update it again tomorrow because I want so much to be able to read more.

Okay, so when you put my two reviews together, they would add on to a really long review, so I'm sorry about that. But you know, I think I owe it to you since I don't think that I ever reviewed before.

Good luck on your writings!
5/26/2005 c8 kaz456
So I'm a loser beecause I always read this story but I never get around to reviewing, so first off I want to tell you that I really like this story. It's a lot more true to the characters than most stories are, and Johnny's point of view is great. This is the Johnny that we never get to hear from. Seriously, your characterization is excellent.

And as for this chapter; I really loved it. Even some of the smaller details could be explained away. Like how Pony said that Soda doesn't drink - it makes sense that as a greaser, Soda would have to drink a little bit, but maybe since he's the younger brother Pony would have had an idealized view of Soda's drinking. So I agree with you when you say that Soda drinks lightly, but he doesn't get drunk.
5/26/2005 c8 5Dreamer for lyf
That was really good. Only one thing - Soda doesn't drink, and Darry never let them (soda and Pony. I know pony didn't go to the party though) come in 200 feet from a party like that. But, thats ok... LOVED IT! Hope to see that chapter in: The Outsiders 2, Moving on. Thats my fav 'add a girl' story. Well, UPDATE SOON
4/7/2005 c7 sandra
once again I love it. I was so excited when I got this author alert...i think people may be starting to stare at me :)
4/6/2005 c7 Vrippyta
This is Vripter- I think I've reviewed before... that's just so you know, if I havn't, i'm reviewing now.

It's really good. I don't normally read the ones about Johnny but this ones good so I shall have to keep reading. It's really cool though, it is. Carry on and well done. It's wicked. :D
4/5/2005 c7 3parixs
I just wanted you to know that im still reading your story and that i still love it ;)

Ill be waiting for the next chapter, I know it will be great and, besides, I love romance involving Johnny, even if its romantic tragedy :D
4/4/2005 c7 5Dreamer for lyf
Oh, thank you! Poor Johnny... Two Bit is such a dumbie. Yeah! Your updating the Outsiders 2: Moving on. Wanna know something? Thats the story that inspired me to join this site- dont you feel special? Lol. Anywho. You got me wondering real good on whats gonna happen. ROmanic tragedy... sounds interesting! :) Well, it is true- this site is coming wildy popular. Well, please hurry on that chapter! Its my fav Pony romance on here like I mentioned. I thought you gave up on it and Im like: "no" Well, this is getting long! Bye bye
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