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4/16 c10 Mal
I know this is many, many years later, but, damn, do you know how to write these two. :D
8/20/2020 c73 26Apex85
Ahh this is what I've been waiting to see.
8/23/2018 c79 3kittenclaws
I just wanted to tell you I've read this story like thirty times and it never fails to make me laugh until I'm sick or cry like my heart it breaking I love this story definitely one of my absolute favorites.
6/27/2018 c1 RGLB
Oh. My. God. I can’t express how amazing you are with your writing. I know this was done over 10 years ago but I hope to god you have a job in writing/communications by now. You are astounding. You have the characters spot on, their behaviours, their insecurities and ticks completely on point. I am so giddy to read this story!
1/30/2018 c76 1Tami tou
this is by far the greatest thing i have ever read!
12/11/2017 c103 Meech Macko
Well written fic so far the plot was really solid.

Its just the characterization of Inuyasha...

But Inuyasha characterization could have gone a bit better...In most chaps he comes off as VERY DUMB...like zero common sense or thought.

Like the one chap that he went off to challenge a full blooded experienced demon like Katosan in his pure human form! Makes it sound like he really has no brain in that head of his.

But in the manga and anime its shown Inuyasha is more thoughtful and less brash or macho...at least when he was with Kikyo, his speech pattern changes.

10/8/2017 c32 7KamilahKaliope
Inuyasha IS a lot more affectionate when he
10/8/2017 c30 KamilahKaliope
I love how you don't just try to make Kagome the perfect understanding, therefore the victim, girl and not just change Inuyasha from a jerk to a perfect loving man all of sudden. The gradual change they are having just make me love them a little bit more! Thank you so much. :))
10/6/2016 c103 Shoesarecool
Amazing story! Love how the characters stay true to who they are!
5/11/2016 c16 1GalaxyGreaser
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this was so cute, I heard on tumblr about this scene, so that's how I found the fic and it loved up to the hype and I am so excited to keep reading!
5/4/2016 c101 2EbonyWing
Such an amazing, wonderful story!

The plot drew me in from the start and I loved the way you stayed true to the characters while still allowing their relationships to evolve in such a believable way!

Your Sesshoumaru... He was never one of my favourite characters but wow, you made me love him! ;)

I adore Sesshoumaru and InuYasha getting along...still sniping at each other yet each ferocious in their defence of the other!

I was a bit confused at the end of the last chapter-I didn't realize you had the beginning chapters of a new story up, so for a few moments I was all o_O But (embarassingly belatedly) I figured it out! ;P

I could babble about how much I love this story all night and still come up with new things to mention. Suffice to say that my favourite part was how you wrote the characters and their friendships/relationships with each other. It was masterfully done!
3/8/2016 c89 4DeathDagger
I usually don't stop reading stories until the conclusion but these chapters are getting loonier and loonier...oh well late congrats on the completion of your fic
3/8/2016 c83 DeathDagger
The way Sesshomaru's wife and her mother was talking about her like she wasn't there was beyond disrespectful
3/8/2016 c51 DeathDagger
She should have told him about the training, she's only proving K what ever his name is right. She needs to grow up and stop thinking she can control everything
3/8/2016 c43 DeathDagger
I beginning to feel like their friendship is very childish, don't they understand the need for privacy
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