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for Troubles with Dreams

9/25/2018 c1 Guest
Found your appalling grammar hard to even finish the first chapter.
4/28/2011 c1 ShalimarMars
umm...i can help a little with some of your mistakes.

First Chapter: first sentence, try saying transfiguration class istead of class of transfiguration. Capital G in McGonagall. Forth sentence, followed not follower. add an s to the end of smile. try shot not shoot. i think they wear robes, not dresses. and for tht sentence you could try saying: Hermione could feel the fabric of the professor's robes brush against her causing her to blush. "seductress and FELT long hair..." and "IT was like silk to the touch..." "cinnamon and one other THING..." "have and she feels herself falling INTO them..."

Thats all i can give for now. if anyone has anything better go for it.

This story is really good I love it and this is my fifth time reading it too :) I like your writing style!
1/10/2011 c1 60Hermione Jean McGonagall
It was brilliant dream! I think what it is reality, but then...Thank you!
9/2/2010 c1 Bola
Mmm. There are some typos and a lot of issues with your tenses. That's just too bad considering your good descriptions...
3/25/2009 c5 2Darkshadow-lord
Very Nice Story!
7/23/2008 c5 silver-star-0
Hi! I really like this story. I'd be glad to beta for you if you wanted. I could start with the first chapter of this story.
8/29/2007 c5 noneoneoneone11
Good fic. I really enjoyed it :)
4/10/2006 c1 12Forsaken Elf
It's a good plot and you have good ideas... but in truth, the story isn't written very well. If you watched your spelling and grammar it would be better.
8/20/2005 c5 Maggie
write another write another write another please please please!
10/17/2004 c5 4Little Nadeshiko
hello again!

you know, I think this story was, now that this part has come to an end, really great!

I'd love to read the sequel, also if I may not like it, before I've been reading it, I can't be sure, can I?

So, I'm looking forward for the sequel now!

If it's necessary I would also be very patient, waiting for it ^^

All the best,

10/17/2004 c5 2La-Belle-Epoque
wow, this is bloody beautiful...

altough the end isn't as happy as I like it but -doesn't matter. it fits to the story and makes it perfect. you have such a beautiful mind and I'll always enjoy reading your stories. this last chapter is so meanigful, so thoughtful and i simply don't have any critics... I'm sorry :-)
10/11/2004 c4 Happy Reader
Hey, great story. Keep up the good work.
10/8/2004 c4 4Little Nadeshiko
Hi fan-rei!

this story is absolutely wonderful, well, I have to say, I don't understand really everything, but I think I got the main message ^^

wanna write a sam/janet story? I would be enthusiastic!

also your fav voyager pairing is... quite interesting.

after all, I'm still one of the fanatic SS/HG fans... well, only in fanfics of course... in the real books that would be really... disgusting!

after all, I REALLY love this story! write on as fast, as you can! PLEASE!

well, I see, you've updatet 4 chapters in... 4 days... that's not to bad :P

no, seriously, I'm waiting for a soon update, well I'm just waiting for AN update, but I would prefer a soon one...

i really like you, for beeing not english! it was like "another one! hurray!"

I think your from france, is that right? (looked at your mail ^^)

I'm from austria *handshaking*

and I'm still waiting for an update! and my patience has limits ;)

All the best,

10/2/2004 c4 2La-Belle-Epoque
I hate to admit but I am lost for words again. Well, I’ll try to leave you a proper review. Although this is a little different from the Minerva and Hermione we used to know, I think it’s not ooc (and if it would be– who’d care?:-). It’s just a further development of their characters and you did great.

The forest, the two lovers…. Minerva the nymph and Hermione the brave Gryffindor – they just fit together. You did an incredible job with the love-scene… And I am so thankful that you haven’t spoil your beautiful story with making the sex dirty or smutty or simply horrible written. You couldn’t have done it better.Is this the last chapter or will there be another one? I think you could end it here but if you continue – I can’t wait to read.

I bow my head. This is amazing!
10/2/2004 c3 La-Belle-Epoque
This is really a desperate one but it’s pretty well written. It shows how hard it is to get things out of the way, to be unaffected by rumors and to find a place at last to get things back in the right way. How hard it is to find the right words just for realising in the end, that words might not be needed. I love the idea of meeting in the forbidden forest. It seems to be the right location for them. You are a great author and your story speaks for itself. No review can be a greater testimonial for your abilities in writing than your own words. Hope, you know that.
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