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for Love is Bitter, Love is sweet

10/6/2004 c2 2Silver Moonlight-81
Hi I like this chapter, please continue, bye.
10/4/2004 c2 8Kimpatsu no Hoseki
when does she see Setsuna again? who is she paired with? update more soon!
10/4/2004 c2 8Transcendent
ur lyk mi idul will u marrie mi n hav mi babiez!1`1!

"Disclaimer: No matter how much I would like to I do not own Sialor moon or GundamWing. The nice people that own them do."

- She would like to own Sialor moon. Well guess what, ME TOO! I think I'll go create it right now. I can see it: a total spinoff of Sailor Moon. And really, I wasn't aware the people who owned them owned them. Seriously, that's why they call them the "owners"? I NEVER KNEW.

(OMGUZ NOTIEz~~!**~*:if u r no n tha mode tlaff plz dunt red k thx)

1) "Usagi was in a great deal of pain to put it lightly, but she didn't want to show weakness. If she would have been the old Usagi she would have been crying and screaming in pain right about now."

- :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O ARE YOU TELLING ME USAGI HAS CHANGED? OH. MY. DOG. Someone call the MarySue!Police! Something needs to be done!

2) "'G-boys!' Now normal people wouldn't know who they were but Setsuna wanted to make sure that Usagi ended up with the right people."

- *twitch* Who the hell would call them G-boys? Ah, the changed!Usagi would ;D

3) "She could feel sleep pushing in her mind and she wanted nothing more then to give into it, yet she knew that she shouldn't. 'Damn Hotaru and her doctor knowledge.'"

- Huh? Who the fuck said Usagi had a concussion? She was crying and wailing like a donkey just fine last chapter but she can't go to sleep now? DUDE, IT SAID THAT SHE HAD BEEN DROPPED IN THERE SEVEN HOURS AGO. I think she'd be fine. Hell, her friends were just killed. Don't ya think she'd *want* to sleep and end up in a nice coma and never come back? Well, that's what I want. Why can't Usagi do what I want? Oh, that's right, because she isn't mine!

4) "Unable to help herself, she muttered "Anyone get the number of that truck?""


5) "Quatra gave a small chough of shock..."

- Wha? Who is Quatra and what is a chough? Damn, not another fucking self assertion!

6) "If the person had been given the same treatment that they had been given then it was even amazing that they were conscious but that they were making jokes was simply not possible."

- What treatment? Do they know Usagi had just killed her friends and stole their power or something stupid like that? ARE THEY PSYCHICS AND NOT KNOW IT?

7) "Usagi need to sit."

- Who turned on the time travel machine and set it to STONE AGE?

8) "She slowly straitened managing to only flinch in pain one or two times."

- Stait = a geographic term. So, Usagi's a piece of land, now? Damn, that's more change than I could have ever dreamed of.

9) "When the figures face came into the light they saw that it was a she."

- They couldn't tell by her voice? MY DOG, DID USAGI GO THROUGH PUBERTY, TOO? Wow, all in one fic! I'm so impressed.

10) "'Goddess' went trough one of their minds. She had silver hair and dark blue eyes that seemed to have silver specks in them.

- Let me map out what Usagi's life has been like in the past few paragraphs: Sailor Moon aka Tsukino Usagi *TO* Usagi Strait *TO* Puberty!Usagi *TO* WhiteHaired!Usagi.

11) ""Uh...um." Duo was having slight problems thinking with this beauty in front of him much less speak."

- Hm, the Usagi that was described before isn't that pretty and Duo isn't that pathetic. Dear Saintly Nunnies, do I get to map out changes for Whoisthis!Duo?

12) "This tenshi was all that was needed to break the silence."

- Well, um, I thought she was a Goddess? Tenshi is Japanese for angel. Goddesses and Angels are different. I think the Japanglish needs to be put back in Pandora's Box.

13) '"Those are Wufie Chang, Trowa Barton and Heero Yui."'

- Why haven't I heard of half of these characters? Quatra Winner, Wufie Change, Heero Yui? I wonder if they're insertions of her best friends. Hmm.

14) '"Weak onna," Wufie muttered.'

- *cries on the inside but remains perfectly calm on the outside even if that's not true to her nature* I guess Wufie is Japanese. This absolutely proves that Wufie can't be a misspelling of Wufei because Wufei is Chinese.

15) "Usagi's eyes darkened to an almost black in anger as she tensed up, before she relaxed."


16) "Well, might as well tell you. There was a shoot out. A girl was caught in it. I made sure she was o.k. They noticed me and thought it would be fun to play beat up the girl..."

- Liar, liar, fuku on fire...

17) "Trowa spoke for the first time, startling her."

- Usagi must be so wise; she knew that Trowa was an introvert. I applaud her! APLAUSEAPPLAUSEAPPLAUSE!

18) "...and she wanted to be long gone by then."

- Hum, I thought she wanted to get to know them and that the feeling to do so was overwhelming?

19) "Your losing enough blood as it is."

- THIS QUATRA PERSON CAN SEE IN THE DARK? Whoa, cool! I thought humans couldn't do that! I was *WRONG*. Well, unless Quatra isn't human. Very probable!

20) "The idiots had put wires across the top. It was to high too jump for a human. 'A normal human,' she thought with a slight grin."

- I thought Usagi was human.

21) "He instantly hardened himself to her and to any thing that he felt but you wouldn't be able to see a difference on the outside."

- Omidawg! Virtuallyemotionless!Duo, hurrah!

22) "'Those senshi training have come in handy.' Usagi mused."

- I COULD HAVE SWORN USAGI WAS ALWAY CLUMSY! Gah, I should go rewatch the series.

23) "He never talks this much but the words came out by themselves."

- Whoa, I could have sworn Trowa wasn't a mute, too!

24) "Woke up, heard them talking, past out again"

- Hey, I thought she knew she couldn't go to sleep?

25) "...an educated guess..."

- But Usagi never did good in school, how could it be educated...?

26) "...managed to land on the ground safely but panting."

- And she never landed safely, either!

28) "When first soldier turned to her she did a round about kick that knocked the soldier's gun out of his hands. She caught the gun and knocked the first one out with the blunt end of the gun. When she turned to the other he was fumbling with his gun. She did a chop at the side of his neck, knocking him out by hitting a pressure point."

- But Usagi doesn't know how to fight...Oh, that's right! Makoto literally donated her personality to Usagi! But that would mean that Usagi isn't "Usagi" anymore! SHE'S !USAGI

29) "From what he had seen she was a pure and innocent person. Why she would help them, knowing very well that they could have killed people was beyond him."

- Usagi just knocked out a guy, how could she be innocent? Anyways, if she was innocent, she'd be more than obligued to help them because if she didn't, she wouldn't be innocent anymore. DUR.


Tip your killer,

Transcendent, the almost-mighty.

P.S. If you'd like the see the version with amazing skillz04z, direct your attention to the link in my profile to the FLAMING COMMUNITY entitled FLAMINGYOU (pun both intended and not intended). I even made an image for you!
10/4/2004 c2 2Chiichobi
Please post the next chapter ASAP. I love it. Keep 'em comin'. Thanks.

10/3/2004 c2 3koldy
10/3/2004 c2 3Talum
this is really good. so can you update soon.
10/2/2004 c2 Angel
Yap ... good story. Good to see that Usagi is showing her talents : )

Update pls. Btw ... who r you planning to pai her with? Well Trowa would be nice or maybe you can do a pairing which is uncommon (like Zechs). Hee hee ... good luck.
10/2/2004 c2 1PadfootCc
omg! is this a duo/usagi story? i love this sotry! update soon!
10/1/2004 c1 46Twin Kats
Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Can't wait for more!

10/1/2004 c1 2Chiichobi
Please post the next chapter here soon. Thanks.

9/30/2004 c1 Kou Kepani
I thought it was a pretty good start for the first chapter.

And I can't wait to see where you go with this... So please continue with this! And update as soon as you can...

Kou Kepani
9/29/2004 c1 2Silver Moonlight-81
Hi I read your fic and I like it a lot, please continue because cound very interesting, bye.
9/28/2004 c1 9mystlady
? Nothing new here. I'm slightly disappointed with the plot - very cliche and old that's been plauging the SM Crossover for many years now. I mean, Mamoru turning evil against Usagi. You could probably expand more on how he became evil in the first place.
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