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for Tod

12/31/2004 c1 2Freya Coral
Short and to the point without being too rushed. Great job!
4/28/2003 c1 2shawn4542
Horrible i saw him die in my mind. Great desciption. only one thing you spelled throat wrong. . . Are you going to do one for everyone you should. shameless plug* check out my Final Destination story Final Destination: New nightmare Crossover
6/14/2002 c1 soulthiefthis is my pen name
that was short, but good. Try not to write with simpler words(take away BLOODVESSELS & VOICEBOX coz they really make your story scientific
4/8/2001 c1 11Katey-Kinz
this is cool. I'm sad, so when I watch the film I actually laugh at this bit. Oh dear, what am I going to grow up to be eh? No, I'm not a psyco...er..second thoughts..

Anyway, can I just say how clumsy is Tod knocking off all those shampoo bottles? Accident prone or what? I know. But that radio hitting his head in the plane explosion bit really takes the biscuit.

Why don't you do this for all their deaths? that would be cool. Though I doubt you'd have much to write about Terry or Billy's...
3/16/2001 c1 Sam
3/6/2001 c1 Krystyna
I liked it a lot!
3/5/2001 c1 Krystyna
I thoguht that what you wrote was exactly what happened in the movie and made me feel like I was watching it all over again. It was good, but I think you should write more. E-mail me and W/B!
2/17/2001 c1 12The She Devil
Wow! You know this is EXACTLY like a movie i saw...i think it was called final destination. There is nothing new here...
2/12/2001 c1 201Bria
Short but *very* good! Wow, this fandom is coming alive! ;) ~*~Bria

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