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for The Moment I Saw You

5/16/2010 c3 2xXDrowningInChocolateXx
I was screeching "kawaii!" throughout this whole fic. So, yeah it was kawaii.
10/11/2008 c3 yami kirsty
aww cute story, you shouldnt have ended it there though, you could have made this into such an awsome fanfic... still the best touya x yukito story ive read so far though... the one thing that annoyed me though was the japanese words because i couldnt understand a lot of them
2/13/2007 c3 reicheruchan
nice... but i wish they can tell eachother how they felt... hm
6/7/2006 c1 22bloodytwistedangel
Okaysies, so I read your profile before giving this last review... wow! You are, like, my exact counterpart (our only difference is age, height, eye color, and music preferences)! Nice to meet 'cha. I'm 14, taller than you, and live in Viva Las Vegas (throws off party streamers) And FYI you've been added to the cool list. (smiles)

You've been improving your writing style greatly. I love to do things backwards so it was cool reading to ToyaYuki fics in the order backwards to their upload! (smiles)Oh what to say... Toya seems so happy it's scary (ish Fai-Chan person) Have you read Tsubasa? I think you'd be a great KuroFai writer! (smiles innocently trying to lure yaoishoujo to the depths of Hell) So anyhow, wonderful job and I love the fluff! I have a fluff-wonderland by this point...

~B.T.A. Ria-Chan loves Envy!
2/24/2006 c1 4Touketsu Iji
hmm.. good story, keep it up.

the attraction came in WAY too soon.

and WAY too strong

both were scared the other didn't like them

they wouldn;t be blushing and stammering, like love struken Idiots. casue let's face it.

the gorgeous couple, they're not idiots
1/31/2006 c3 December Jewel
That was so cute! Very good story!
7/27/2005 c3 21JJ CJ
Gah! you meanie! I wanted 'em to get tagethar...:;pouts:: still cute and lovely though! I had always though that Yuki-san and Toya-san knew each other from when they were kids? I was wrong again, I guess! Ahhahah, you knwo you're addicted to anime when you start using honorifics for characters! :;laughs:: keep up the lovely work!

-J (is totaly in love with your fics)
3/27/2005 c1 StArRa
k dude... no offence.. but in your story yuki and touya are so out of character.. they would never act/talk/think like that... and i doubt that yukito would *ask* touya to call him yuki... i think he prolly just did that on his own... seriously... the whole slice of heavan thing... gag me... but i thought i could get over that... but wnen touya started blushing when yuki talked to him? like honestly... he has so much more composition than that... not to cut you up or anything... just my opinion is all...
1/20/2005 c3 dizzy-otaku

I loved how they were reluctent to show their true feelings.I'm glad they stay together,I hope you can write more on the Yuki&Touya pairing.

I JSUT ADDORE THEM!Thank you so much yaoishjo-san.Can you write one ore for them?
1/20/2005 c2 dizzy-otaku
lol,i loved this chappy too!

"A squirrel on steriods",i can just imagine it!Ha ha...I hope the next one is just as good!Or better.^^
1/20/2005 c1 dizzy-otaku
Aw!How sweet!

I find it SOO hard to find Yukito&Touya fanfic.I'm glad you're the one writing it.^^

I've really come to love your work.And I like when you ramble,it makes it a lot more fun to read...sometimes. ~dizzy_otaku
1/3/2005 c3 chachacha
Oh my freaking god KAWAAI! THAT WAS SO INCREDIBLY CUTE! It's so hard to find good Touya/Yuki fics out there-Thank you for your wonderful story! Ahh so adorable! And wonderful writing as well :D
12/26/2004 c3 122Soulreciever
Yes its true that we know they get together later in cannon but still that was a tease! They were so close as well...

All the facts seem good to me but i'm not sure Touya would fall in love that quickly...or maybe with the 'bond' the boys share its a possibility, something for youto think about anyway.
12/18/2004 c3 yaoihime
hi yaoishoujo! It's a very sweet story but I wish it were just a little bit longer. I wish that they could admit their feelings to eachother and have a sweet kiss where they are both completelly awake except for the fact that they would be in a flustered daze. Maybe that's a little too hopeful and I'm asking for too much. It's probablly because of all that yaoi I've read today.*flustered in thoughts* ^_^ Keep up the good work!^_^
12/17/2004 c3 CaitlinEd
AW! That's so FREAKEN cute! lol

I know how it feels to have everything you worked so hard on be erased. My dumb brother did that to me twice with a fanfic i'm currently writing. So instead of posting it next week like i planned i have to wait a few more weeks till it's done.

Don't stop the music, this is a such a cute fic.

Merry Christmas!
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