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for The Moment I Saw You

12/16/2004 c3 36Leoanda Taylor
Hey! I love this! Though chappie two was a ikkle bit mushy, it was still cute! Anywaz just want to say that I loved this and am waiting for more! Late!
12/10/2004 c3 tears of a mermaid
OMG SO KAWAII! that was bloody brilliant heather! it was so damn kawaii! probably the best story that was this kawaii that i have read! wow you so have to do one on yyxy! i think it would be so cool cause you're such an awesome writter! well g2g h/w calling. ttyl

11/24/2004 c3 7Setg'-in
hey hey that was awsome and i so can not wait till you continue bye
11/14/2004 c1 unspecifiedaccount
arigatou for reading and reviewing my fics. this 1 was ok - i really like your writing style, though both touya and yuki seemed pretty out of character to me. oh, and good use of japanese too - i try, but i really only know a few basic words so im not that good at using it.
11/6/2004 c3 rameana
i thought it was pretty good you should keep it up and update soon please
11/1/2004 c3 Yaoilover S
Aw! so cute! I love this story! :jumps around: kissu Kissu KISSU! I'm read more of your stories when I read more Gravitation and try to buy Fake!^^
10/26/2004 c1 142The Fellow Marauder
Tis very sweet, Smitty! *hugs* The only thing I noticed was that, in Japan, they do not use the same format for their names. Instead of writing it: "Kinomoto, Touya" it's "Kinomoto Touya" Make sense? There is no comma between the two names because, unlike here, their last names are traditionally written and spoken first.

Well, hopefully I was of some help to you. Your usage of Japanese makes it a little confusing, but I feel like you are a good sensei. I will be in your debt as sensei, oh Pharaoh!




10/11/2004 c2 CaitlinEd
HEY! FINISH THIS STORY NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! THIS IS A GOOD FREAKEN STORY AND I WANT IT DONE! xpx . Please don't quite this sotry half way through like everyone does.^^
10/3/2004 c2 4Prince Toki
This is such a cool story! I hope it was really like that...*sigh* Well please update soon, Shindo-sensai! *glomps you*
10/2/2004 c1 yaoihime
It's an amazing fic so far and I know the rest will be great too.If anyone else is reading this review then, hi, I'm yaoishoujo's sister and I've read all her fics. I recommend that you read all of them too because they're all amazing and wonderful. They're all filled with fluff and heart melting characters.

Keep up the good work sis!

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