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10/28/2013 c5 YaoiHimeSama
Update ._.?
12/28/2007 c4 Yami Akurei
I liked your friend's Clari person's better...AND YOU CANT BURN ME I CAN KILL YOU IN A FLASH SECOND WITH MY 9,0,0,0 VECTORS! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! if you don't know wat vectors are watch elfen lied it is an awesome anime! but good work with your story still just kidding but i did like the other one better! *gets shuichi* see! he's real!...and gay *laughs maniacally*
1/4/2006 c5 Candy-Chick
I love your story so far! I hope you find time to add another chapter. I'm going to add this story to my alert list. I hope to read a new chapter soon!
10/22/2005 c5 5Kemet
that is a really good story! why did you stop there? please continue, even though its been so long!
10/12/2005 c2 Amused
10/12/2005 c1 Amused
10/4/2005 c5 7Leilas
Nice, update soon! UPDATE! SOON!
8/27/2005 c5 Naraku's X-Girlfriend
Update PLEAE!
8/4/2005 c5 2Mitsubishie Eclipse
I really enjoy your writing style. I want to know what happens!
7/14/2005 c5 Rhai

Love the story so far. Come on Darksaphire. Cheer up. At least you don't have ten stories or books that you're trying to do for fun, and then keep coming up with like twenty more. Not only that but I like your chapters. I'll don't have an e-mail address yet, but by the next time I read and review I should have one. Then you could tell mewhat other stories you'rewriting and I'll help you come up with ideas.
6/1/2005 c5 lain
aww darksaphire dont cry i luv u! lol i like ur writing! urs 2 clari-chan! i luv ya both! i hope u update soon this stories great! JA!
4/4/2005 c5 Jasline
hug Darksaphire adn smirk.. where is the nxt chapter? out?
4/3/2005 c1 3AnimeCrazyGal
I really enjoyed reading this story. When are you and your sister going to finish it? I want to read the rest of it! I know how hard it is to write stories, I mean I have at least 15 stories in my head that I've started to write. Please continue this story I want to know what else happens so update soon. Please! :) I like your chapters the best clari chan! Dark Sapphires are pretty good too but you just have a better feel in your stories, know what I mean? I repeat UPDATE!
3/9/2005 c5 ReadorDie214
Wow really good! Eiri said the same thing he said in the anime. It would be just like Tohma to be a principal wouldn't it? I would think he would be the head person though because he hates to get boss around. I mean it's Tohma we're talking about! Really. Whatever, please review, everything is really good and I love it! One of my fav stories!
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