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5/11/2016 c2 2Elise Deschat
Good Story, but no end or is there...I watched the episode of ER, with Lucy and John...it was very traumatic... it was a good comparison of Steve's vs John Carter's injuries to blend the story.

Grammar...spelling, some are just typos, some are misused cognates; bigger issue is the tense of the verbs...need someone else to proof your work before publishing, I could always proof other folks work better than my own
5/13/2013 c1 2coolbreeze84
this is the first fan fiction I've read...! Makes me want to read your "pre-quels" to this story !
(it's fun to read...since I already know all the characters...and the story about Lucy)...
Those episodes on ER were so intense, that it makes people want to go deeper into
Carter's response to the situation...and you did a great job with that ! Thanks !
10/4/2004 c1 68PoeticallyIncorrect1
You can post the chapters together. Fanfiction .net doesn't allow seperate chapters as seperate posts anymore. Especially if there are a number of them.

BTW, it makes it much easier to follow your story.

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