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10/7 c22 LadyJaneMarvolo
Beautiful story, as sad and heartbreaking as it is. I love all the depth, lore and other small details you have explored. btw I can't use Ao3 bc it too confusing XD. Thank you for the lovely read! xoxo
9/12 c22 Jasnrob
Enjoyed your story
8/6 c22 15TotalAlaskan
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this story, and will definitely be checking out the rewrite on Ao3! I will say that I would REALLY have liked to see this version finished, but I totally understand. Life gets in the way, things happen, priorities change — all of that. Really though, it is impressive and awesome that you decided to come back to this after so long and work on rewriting it. Huge props!

As for the review that was left before mine—completely uncalled for and unnecessary.
7/22 c1 BaddieDZ2
16 years and you're too stupid to have finished this? What's the fucking point? Just delete this, you're obviously never going to finish it. Fuck off.
7/6 c21 33Kay Hau
Very enjoyable story! The wound in the force idea to explain Obi Wan’s strange heart trouble is really interesting, and I love the idea that he needs to get a sort of team together to truly prevent the fall of the Jedi Order. Also interested in seeing what he eventually decides to do with Anakin and how things have already changed pretty substantially from the actions he’s already taken.

Saw your note on Ch 22 and honestly I don’t use Ao3 so I won’t be checking that out, but if you ever post more here I’d love to follow! Again, great job.
6/27 c20 9Pokybyte
I liked this chapter but I don’t think Yoda is being very fair. He was part of the stagnation and inaction that led to the Sidious’ rise to power
6/7 c19 11rimera
4/2 c1 kirk
i don't see spock or kirk in this story can i del it
4/1 c22 2singing ferret
What is Ao?
3/23 c22 9the rabid plot bunny
Ah man I am not a fan of Ao3... their tag system makes it impossible to find anything. Thanks for the update
2/20 c16 Francis Richard
I feel like there should have been some "than" by then.
2/5 c22 4Runereader of the Nightwings
...15 years from publishing to the latest update
2/2 c1 mistersnx
Ao3 is a new website... thats tricky to use ?
1/15 c9 Waka Metalbelly
Goodbye grimderp.
1/6 c1 trollzillathefirst
this fanfic has been running since before I was born. i am genuinly impressed. With this type of long term dedication, you should seriously think about trying to professionally create your own original stories or books. I definitely think you could pull it off.
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