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7/1 c1 ivan1305as
I am awed to see a fic 1 year older than me, wow
2/22 c2 20statetech0
Initiate Kenobi... he's not even a Padawan apprentice to Qui-Gon yet... you really DID go all the way back to the beginning! Heck, farther!
12/1/2021 c1 422WizMonCruWil
Resurrection / Go Back in Time for a Do-Over Fics always leave me feeling wary. But... I will give this one a try, and see how I feel.
11/15/2021 c15 lederware
I was smiling throughout the whole chapter, thank you!
11/15/2021 c14 lederware
Wow, that chapter was great! Could have been really jarring to have that big of a time skip, but with the other perspectives earlier it worked flawlessly.

You also have a massive misspelling in your hair.
11/14/2021 c2 lederware
This chapter convinced me to continue reading. I guess when you started this fic an angsty start to time travel stories wasn’t as overused as it is now :)
10/23/2021 c1 Big Fan
Sorry me again.
Its weird the more I read it the more I think, Bruck would make a good Jedi now. He’s clearly wanted by the Mandolorians and passionate like them but the more you seem him interact with them the more he seems to remember what the Jedi are and why he loves them. He’s actually a really good teacher and its probably just me thinking this but after watching Feemor, I think he’d make a good Guard too. Which makes me wonder if people leave and enter the Guard by the will of the Force or they just assess based on record and do the best they can?

Honestly though Bruck seems quite fond of Obi Now. The brotherhood born in battle and what not.

Im wondering if in the next Jango/Obi-Wan debate he’ll remind him that agri corps assistance could’ve changed the terraform of Mandalore. It was a good speech between Kenobi and the Bothan Master about the nature of different sections of the corps. Delving into Wild Space and learning more about the Chiss might’ve changed how Thrawn interacted with the Galaxy.

I always love learning how terraforming and plant and food science work. Its like re-introduce a predator and it actually brings back different prey and then different plants or move a small body of water and millions of wild life pull through.
Its more then seeding clouds for weather in a desert. There is so much to farming. I geek out….I would totally want to see a Mythosaur. They got DNA from Mammoths, maybe they could find some ancient Mythosaur bones. I bet that crazy geneticist who helped stopped the clones from accelerated aging on that separatist planet could figure something out…or that evil guy who made the blue virus.

It would actually be cool to learn more about the Education corps and the Medical corps.

Its amazing they don’t all communicate more but then again the Force Sensitive only make up what .1%of the population and space is large. I suppose that stilsl mean there are several million Jedi at the time though.

I love how you break down your sentences in terms of action and verb and adjective placement. Just structurally its fun to read your work.

Oh my God are they going to run into any Galidraan predators on this hike?!
Looking back I wonder if it was all the loss that made Jango what he was by the time he commissioned his clone army and treated them like they were livestock or if there wasn’t something just intrinsically brutal to him.
10/22/2021 c7 Big Fan
I love the new Rewrite! It's amazing. Jango and Jax are so well done. I did not expect the familial development with Bruck which was a nice foil contrast to Obi Wans interaction.

Have you thought about a Ko-Fi or Patreaon account?

Its interesting having Feemor portrayed as a Knight Guard in an enjoyable way.

You fleshed out the Jedi order very well. Lots of people love the Mandolorians and Sith as time goes on and I fully like to pretend the last three movies didnt happen in star wars much like I pretend the Indiana Jones never occured, and I love the Jedi's creed more as I get older. My friend put Jedism on his dog tags for his religion. Im still not sure if he did it as joke or not I but i still laugh when I think of it. He liked to fuck with people.

I really dont know if Qui Gon is the best mentor for Obi-Wan even with all his recent incite into himself. The past is changing but that doesnt mean it can suddenly make even an old familial love work. But everything is different now. THere'd be new missions and eveything just a little different now.

I've wondered if Siri and Obi-Wan had found each other after order 66 if they'd gotten together.

As close in age as Jango and Obi-Wan are wouldnt it make a parenting dynamic difficult? They seem more like Vod. Though I suppose they are close enough for a really alarming parent/child relationship by the world standards. Also isnt he an adult at 13? But I guess Jango was older when Jaster adopted him too. I've never quite understood that dynamic.

I love the super creche master you introduced. Honestly your OCs are just fantastic. :D

Will Obi-Wan send someone to Tatoonie to collect Anakin when he's young?

How would the other True Mandolorians interact with Obi-want if he did become part of house Mereel? Especially since a bunch of them bullied him before?

ALso the Correlian Jedis are badass. Green is the way to go.

Do you think that he'll ever get to do some missions with Master Fey?

Also what caused the EMP strike at the temple? they never did seem to get to the bottom of it?

Is Maul with Sidious at this point? Is Ventress with her Master?

As much as we all love the clone troopers and my God shout out to Hevy and SPar, my favorite clone troopers but I wonder if the Galaxy might be ok without them having to be created in this particular timeline.

Do you think DOoku knows anyone specializing in making holocrons at the Temple?

Have you read Knights of the High Republic novels or ROnin yet?

ALl the best and keep it up!
10/11/2021 c1 2Sivartius
So just to clarify, I'm assuming in this story Anikin won the duel on Mustafar? I need to go rewatch the movie, but I didn't think Anikin yet had his red lightsaber at that point. I look forward to seeing how the story develops.
6/3/2021 c22 Lonewolf1836
This story is dead and has been rewritten in another website but looks like it might not be finished since it has very few chapters.
3/31/2021 c7 Gara Kyosuke
Geez... I guess you picked the angst tag for good reason. The time travel description brought me in and I was able to get to chapter 7 before wondering what the deal is. That's when I saw the angst tag. The story is filled with too much of it. The gift of time travel and all the main character can do is be clinically depressed about it. I keep hoping I'll get to a point in the story where the tantrum will end, but I'm thinking the time travel aspect is just a vessel for the angst machine you have going. Interesting story and a really fascinating premise, but it's just not for me.
2/6/2021 c1 4BabuPro
This man wrote a fanfic in 2004 and kept updating it for 15 years, respect.
1/18/2021 c22 1Arekanderu
Great story!
1/11/2021 c22 7Marauder no. Five
i shall head over for a re read shortly. this is a very interesting story, i like how you aren't glossing over the fact that Obi should have some serious mental health issues. he was fighting in a war he knew was wrong but stuck it out because he thought that at least he might be able to help shorten it, he had lost friends, men under his command were slaughtered in battles he'd sent them into, his brother turned on them, he'd failed to stand up for ashoka, his love was killed because of him, the Sith were in complete control...honestly, how did the poor guy not kill himself or go insane?
12/28/2020 c22 3BrightSkywalker
This was certainly a journey so far, and I’ll go and check out the rewrite on AO3 now.
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