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for Alathnia

2/15/2006 c7 2Beyral
Hope you update soon:)
2/15/2006 c6 Beyral
I love your story, its so cool, and tamora peirce has got to be one of my fav authors, so using her tortall with your own cool story is awesome!
1/9/2006 c7 4Salma-sol
yep, I think that's all of them...
12/27/2005 c6 2Ami the Elemental Sorceress
to respond to your question, mauler is found in the immortals series, in the fourth book, when they meet mauler, a link in evolution betweendinasaurs and crocodiles
12/26/2005 c7 Ami the Elemental Sorceress
you left out mauler, i think
12/15/2005 c7 Trancegirl
Um, yeah. . . you kinda forgot about Faithful. . . You know, the cat Alanna had? He was in the immortal realms at the end of The Immortals quartet, on the Great Mother's throne. So, he'd be the Cat God, Male, i suppose.
12/7/2005 c4 2Beyral
Great beginning to your story, I'll be sure to read more:)
8/25/2005 c5 3Envy4
greatest story ever wow

that was so good ti could be written by tamora pierce herself
7/4/2005 c5 3Wingedrider
Wow, this is interesting!
7/3/2005 c1 Desatre
is ur name jessica
7/3/2005 c5 30Tora Macaw
well.. I think that certainaly takes the prize for shortest chapter I've ever read! Ok, I guess I'll have to wait and see how it ties in with what's to come.
5/12/2005 c4 1Leprechaungirl
GMG Uma or Freya or Britta

BG Sorry cant find any for him
5/12/2005 c3 Leprechaungirl
Gods cant die anywhey.

It says so in RotG

interessting story
4/21/2005 c4 30Tora Macaw
Another great chapter! Good discriptions and plenty of brewing drama. Here are some names to play with. Gerda (protector) Fernanda (daring) Debora (prophetess) Cosima (harmonious) Branda (blessing) Aolani(Heavenly cloud) Takoda (everyones friend) Yeshaya (gift) Olatunji (Honor reawakens) Melino (peace) Hope this helps.
4/21/2005 c4 4Salma-sol
names...I don't think the mother goddess needs a name. she is called goddess or sister (by other gods) or mother. If she needs a long-forgotten name I think Laloria would work. I don't think the black god has a name at all. He (i think it's a he) is just the god of death, or the black god. since it's the worshipers that would use the name most and they're rather afriad of death they try not to give gods like that a name, the black god is supposed to be myserious (sp) and alof, to be feered. would you expect people to get friendly with a god whose job it was to kill them?

This is a great story. Origanal and inventive. I can't wait for more. It was a little confusing when the person was asking for something and people interuped before she said anything and it was confusing until I read it a couple times.

another thought, maybe the mother goddes had a name before and it was lost because she went from just a great god to the god over about half the people everywhere (women).

I'll stop rambleing now. Bye!
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