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for The River's Gift: Merod's Perspective

6/29/2008 c1 stray shild
i've read it and it is an awesome book. i thought i was like the only one who had read it.
1/2/2005 c1 4Sheyana
I liked it. I first read the story a few years ago when I got it out of the library and I loved it. I must confess that merod's point of view seemed to mundane and matter of fact. He was so much in love with a mortal that he became one in order to find her and get her back - this is an unusual happening. Show it.
10/11/2004 c1 1BloodFairy
Sadly, I hadn't heard of Mercedes Lackey before, but your story has made me want to read some of hers. I think it is actually well written, even if it can be improved if you revise it and stretch it a bit. And I liked the end, I don't think it is sappy. The last sentence is really powerful. ^^
10/10/2004 c1 2Fimbrethil
This is one of my favourite Mercereds Lackey stories, so it's cool to read a fic about it. I agree with your own comments, it would be really good if you padded it out to make it longer, get inside Merod's head a little bit more as to what he feels when he's with Ariella. Ending's ok, stretch it out a little more maybe. Write more please!
10/9/2004 c1 Anita H
Yes, I have bought and read it. Whenever I see a ML book in a bookshop I buy it...that would be once a year :( Thank heaven for the internet! *bg* If not for that, my bookcase would be a lot more empty.

Anyway, I really liked the 'fairy-tale' aspect of "The river's gift". Your story doesn't really add anything to it, since it is rather short. I expected something a bit more ellaborate...granted, the book itself isn't that big, but you could have worked out the 'Kelpie-side' of Merod somewhat more.

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