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6/15/2017 c4 2Lord Richard
How old are you, 12?

"Kagome told Inuyasha to hold back his power or everyone would wonder why he's so strong.."

Dude you have fucking Goku and Gohan and Vegeta there along with everybody else! There is no way in hell or any timeline that anybody in DBZ can be shocked or amazed at what strength Inuyasha has. And how the hell could Inuyasha score 427 points and Goku only 155? If anything Goku was the ONE holding back.
1/7/2012 c16 TheElegantFaerie
Ooh I really wanna see Hiei and Vegeta's battle! Can you make it a two parter like this last battle was? And will there be a chance of the Darkness Flame appearing? That'd be awesome!
4/18/2010 c16 40Miyuki Jaganashi
This has to be by far the best crossover ever!DBZYUYU HAKUSHO...Come on,Kagome against Vegeta?She didn't have a chance.Loved how Yusuke's team won their victories,Goku was soo lacking stragety against Kurama.I know the final match against Hiei and Vegeta will be one to remember,short spiky haired,badtempered *midgets*It will be a close call...please continue your work,puhplleasse?
4/18/2010 c14 Miyuki Jaganashi
Woho,there you go,Kurama,you beat the halfbreed!*shouts*"Hey,Hiei,let's go out for icecream!What do you say?"

4/18/2010 c13 Miyuki Jaganashi
I knew Hiei would win against Miroku!(nods with pride,eyes closed)uh huh,now I know Kurama will win against Inuyasha!Go red!
1/22/2009 c16 Cindy-Ann Mata
To Cayasha:

I'm not one of the authors of this website, but I read much of the crossover stories from it. In the title called Tournament of Heroes, will there be more chapters in it? And as for the next chapter with Hiei against Vegeta, how would that turn out to be? Personally, I would like Hiei to win the last round.
10/30/2007 c9 elanor2006
the story is good but you made the dbz gang TOO WEAK!So I stop reading now...
10/28/2007 c16 5phoenixfiregal
great fight but poor gohan losing oh well!
10/28/2007 c15 phoenixfiregal
i agree saiyaman outfit stupid but awsome fight so far!
10/28/2007 c14 phoenixfiregal
yea kurama won it stinks he is hurt but kick inuyasha's butt!
10/28/2007 c13 phoenixfiregal
cool but poor miroku about the cuts not the slaps!
12/30/2006 c16 1captain deoxys
How about after finishing this, maybe a sequal with naruto and ranma characters. Woudn't that be fun? but for now, lets see hiei use his demon form with his many eyes, as well vegetas super saiyan form.
11/9/2006 c1 Ellianora Rose
This is really great writing Cayasha! Keep up the good work it's really amazing
5/25/2006 c15 Mika
Inuyasha would not like it if someone sterotypes and be prejudice to him. The person that he sterotype could be a kind and pure hearted person like Goku and Gohan.
5/25/2006 c16 Mika
So what if some of the people from DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho are not human. It is not like they are hunting people and killing them. Gohan is half-sayian half-human. Yusuke is human with some demon in him. Inuyasha is being too paranoid and prejudice. I am glad that Kurama beat him.
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