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9/7/2005 c4 1Shotgun Infinity
wow... so cool! i've never seen a Gunbound fanfic before! it's also funny... XD
11/18/2004 c3 Ann
hello...ur fanfic rocks...well-described...and ahahahha...YUAN*...hahaha...hilarious part..i love they way u describe the dialogues with ur friends...very realistic and nice and funny...keep it up...:)
11/13/2004 c3 Zhang Kai
absolutely d'liteful. maybe you can describe the battle fiels and the battles a bit more
10/30/2004 c3 18Spirit Dragon
O cliffhanger!

Anyway, this chappie was... short. Still, I trust the next one will make up for it?
10/19/2004 c1 3Kuroikaze
I definately did not expected a gunbound fic, because I always thought it would of been quite awkward to try and write one, but hey it was surprising great, Glad you attempted to write it. I play GB, but I stopped GB for 6+ months before I was going to be a violet hole, now I only play GB leisurely and not competitively as I do before. Sold all my status stuff and changed it all to star stuff =) only server 11 now hehe. I shall forever be a Golden B axe XD cheers, keep on writing
10/19/2004 c2 18Spirit Dragon
Man, those gang members are so dead.

Argh you lucky guy... in GunBound your status is so much higher than mine... I don't play enough!

Nah, I don't really care much about that. Still, great chappie. Wish they'd put up a GunBound section, though...
10/16/2004 c2 1rundaria
i didn't think anyone'd b able to write a GunBound fanfic.. nice! maybe i'll write one too.. maybe they should put a GunBound sectioon so we're motivated to write GunBound fics.. maybe i should actually go finish my other fics..
10/12/2004 c1 18Spirit Dragon
Hey, pretty darn good for a first try! I like the "Please use proper words" thing... I get very annoyed by that.

Nice concepts of the pseudo-Worms game that either everyone loves, or hates.

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