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for This Quiet Dichotomy

7/24/2006 c1 25Got Scots
Your comparison with Sky Captain and the sky is really amazing. So is the thing about a man with wings at the very end.
11/10/2005 c1 Velocity9
The Flying Wing is considered to be a single wing. Hence the term 'flying WING'. Yet another example of the truth being twisted out of shape.

Abhorent deviant beaviour is not natural and the kind you and other write about can cause long term colon cancer resulting in one(or two) loosing over 20 yrs off thier life span. Enjoy yourselves guys...

P.s. I used to write about it too until I wised up.
9/15/2005 c1 76sarahandthegraveyardshift
Shweetness! I love it! Dex is such an awesome character, perfect for fanfics. LONG LIVE DEX/JOE! Yay! ^^
2/24/2005 c1 13Val Mora
That was lovelygorgeous imagery. I just - wow. Um. The imagery, and the connections, and the symbolism of it all.

*melts into little puddle of goo*
2/24/2005 c1 35possumgurl
:D Awesome, the characters are captured perfectly, nice job!

1/20/2005 c1 4miSS-yUnz
its good! i liked it! ^.^

but by the way, your other story, A mirkwood elf in dumbledores hall or something like that.. are you ever going to continue that? i love it and its been years! and you have like 700 reviews and all those people are waiting for an update. UPDATE THAT STORY!

oops getting off topic. i like this fic.
12/15/2004 c1 Kathleen
Short, but sweet. On a side note... I'm sure you're probably tired of people asking this, but are you going to continue with your other story? 'A mirkwood elf in dumbledore's castle' ? It really is a fine piece of writing so I hope that you do. Please give us fans and reviewers something!
10/16/2004 c1 104Aya-kun Rose
Very nice. Simple but clear.
10/14/2004 c1 14BalrogsBreath
Its very nice, a wee bit on the short side perhaps, but very nice none the less :D By writing this story you have proved that you are indeed alive :D and that means that us faithful readers are going to haunt you with reviews until you continue a Mirkwood Elf in Dumbuldore's Court :D I'm sorry to bug you in another story, but it had to be done

Write well and fast and Adios!

10/13/2004 c1 Jai of the Nightrunners
What an absolutely lovely drabble-ish ficlet...thing. Extra points for using biology terminology in a meaningful context.

You have a real gift for writing fic that far exceeds the quality of its original source, in my humble opinion.



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