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8/13/2013 c2 Guest
Her name is Kushina
9/27/2011 c2 readwritemanga
Naruto's father: Minato Namikaze

Naruto's mother: Kushina Uzumaki
3/14/2010 c4 24nine-orcids
just so you know, i love this.
12/23/2009 c4 1Rika-chan24
i was wondering if you were ever going to update another chapter. And if you don't know already naruto's fathers name is minato.
6/16/2009 c4 6Kakashi's-lil'-sis
Really cool! Please keep up the good work and continue with this story.

Yay for Minato-kun!^^
4/26/2009 c4 Aftonen
That was a very poorly placed cliff hanger. I must say I'm quite disappointed. You should have at least added two more paragraphs of the Yondaimes perspective.
4/22/2009 c2 28JustWriter2
Yondaime Hokage is Minato Namikaze.
4/21/2009 c2 1narutofan777
i dont know who came up with that name but his real name is minto namikaze so i think a change is in order for any new chaptersbut i like the story
1/29/2008 c4 7Sabrepaw AKA CrazyPirateMouse
This is really great! I love AUs about Naruto with his actual parents. :) I can't wait to read more, but I really want know why Naruto was suddenly transported... telepathed... changed to a different time/place thingy... (or whatever you want to call it) But update soon! I can't wait!

P.S. NaruHina is my fav pairing!
12/3/2007 c2 9Aly Uzumaki
The fourth's name is Minato Namikaze and Naruto's mom name is Kushina Uzumaki
12/1/2007 c4 2TheOneInYourCloset
I think you should make this story a NaruHina^^They are so cute together. And I always love the stories where Naruto travels back in time or to a different reality, and starts being with Hinata because he had been in the other reality. Oh, and it is really funny when Hinata starts coming uot of her shell and starts acting like Naruto^^

...opps i'm rambling, sorry^^
11/30/2007 c1 TheOneInYourCloset
Aw, it's so beautifull^^
10/25/2007 c4 9Nara-chan25
Cool story. I can't wait unitl the next chapter!
9/9/2007 c4 Sesshomaru of the night 14
Love it it's the bast!
8/16/2007 c4 Ryan-Draven57
Great story but somewhat unrealistic because the Yondaime is known as the yellow Flash Because he made a technique that when he uses it he looks like a yellow flash even if they were anbu they should've been defeated pretty quickly and the story said naruto's mother was in anbu so she have lasted longer and she worked at the hospital so should have at least stop the bleeding from her wound.
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