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for Toubles with reality

10/25/2014 c1 skyesmommy
In the second chapter Minerva tells Albus she cheated on him. What is she talking about?
10/20/2010 c2 6Lisachan87
HAHA! The last sentence made me laugh out loud. What a glorious fanfic. You really know how to write romance:)
3/25/2009 c2 2Darkshadow-lord
Very Nice Story! I really enjoyed reading it!
12/8/2007 c2 Dame Arcane
Aw... When I read albus saying, "yes, and isn't it wonderful?" my tears stared flowing (again). damn. XD I truly love the ending, and the lovemaking scene was somewhat different of what I usually read, it was superb. (read the story with Never Ending Story from Within Temptation, it fits the best!)

Three thumbs up! -raises her toe-

PS.: McGonagall truly knows how to deal with Snape XD
7/9/2006 c1 SenselessLust
c'est merveilleuse ! j'adore votre histoire, écrivez encore, s'il vous plait ! (ma français est très mauvais, je m'excuse !)
9/1/2005 c2 wickedminerva
i loved the story and the ending was great you should write some more hg/mm
8/8/2005 c2 2SheIsMySin
Oh my God! I loved your story so much! It was amazing, I think i even cried a little, okay okay a lot! Please write more stories like this.
7/27/2005 c2 20Jellicos
Absolutely gorgeous!

"Dare to love..." I must say I just might take that advice one day;)

And the ending! *still laughing* Bloody brilliant! So characteristic and so good!

You are a truely gifted storyteller.
7/22/2005 c2 2Kathryn Isabella
I l.oved it...espescially tat last bit...serves you right Snape! lol. Great story! I will continue to wait for more from you!

Tabby Kat
5/13/2005 c1 Jackie
hi i really love MM/HG stories and if you need any help with ideas or anything i would love to help
4/12/2005 c2 frozen-curious
dare to love, yes, very true

love ya story
4/11/2005 c2 Galandria
well this is a great ending...

hmm will you ever make one your slf it cut be fun to see what you whut end up whit...

allthesame you thit a great job whit the directions that you got god job :)

well hope to see more from both of you
4/11/2005 c2 2Blanchie69
I LOVE the ending, im actually supposed to be doing a research paper right now but when i checked my email and found that you had added another chap. i couldn't help but read it. i really hope you write another story, either a new one or a continuation.
4/10/2005 c1 Blanchie69
can't wait till the next update, i hope all works out for HG/MM
1/21/2005 c1 Galandria
great love it so far...

as for good idears hmm meby you shut take allthesame up on her offer to help you lol...

I rely like that it is not the perfect happi ending as in girl meet girl have sex and live happily ever after, there is a lot more reality in what you are writing...

naw whats up whit dumbeldore, does he know or what.

you cant keep us hanging here we need more, soo geth back to writing insted of reading this...

sory abaut the spelling im a dane :)
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