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for Toubles with reality

12/9/2004 c1 michiru-fil
please, write more : )

i love your story, and i wish to know what will happend next : ]

[sorry, i have problems with english but i hope you will understand me ; )]
10/29/2004 c1 albus's bitch
CHAPTER 2!CHAPTER 2!reminds me of me and my lover...I would love to take Minerva on in bed if someone wants to give me the right...JKROWLING COME ON ITS MY BDAY GIVE IT @ ME!

albus's bitch
10/18/2004 c1 allthesame
First of all I love the idea of this fic being a sequel to troubles with dreams, even the title is great. After this wonderful though dreamlike first part, there has to be another after that.

But now to the story: Snape is such a bastard: “"I would have thought that after being laid you would be in a better mood." But well, I guess its Snape and rather ic. The hickey is a sweet reminder of their last night and very sweet, loved the idea of making it visible to the others. Minerva’s dialogue with Snape seems to be funny and she shows all her eloquence, answering him like that but behind all I was wondering why Minerva doesn’t simply talk to Hermione? They are so heart broken, you described it so well and one can easily imagine it must hurt like hell for the two of them. Especially when they both stop eating and start to act really awkward and strange… Why, why, why for heavens sake, aren’t they talking about the happenings and their feelings. Ok, I understand that there had to be something for further chapters… but promise me a happy end or I jump into your lines and rewrite your fic. :-)
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